2018 Lexus GS F


There are various reports telling that GS F sedan is not going to see the new model. However, fans trust more to another side, reporting the new car is on the way. It is 2018 Lexus GS F. This will extend the hope of the enthusiasts that in 2019 or 2020 new generation will be introduced.

Nevertheless, all information is unofficial, so everything is possible. Some leaked sources say that we could see a refresh of the current car by the end of this year. Changes are not massive, but these are valuable as mid-cycle refreshments.

2018 Lexus GS F

2018 Lexus GS F engine

A new generation of the sedan will bring new engines. However, it will happen in next two or three years. By then, engineers will use current lineup, which should suffer minor changes to improve handling and performance. So, 2018 Lexus GS F will get the power from a V-8 drivetrain.

The current model can achieve 467 hp, and similar value will have 2018 car. With torque of 390 lb-ft, GS F can sprint to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. This is enough to compete with specs of similar products from Chevrolet, Audi, and BMW. Transmission is once again CVT, which is already proven gearbox.

2018 Lexus GS F engine

2018 Lexus GS F styling

With a new generation of the vehicle just around the corner, designers are not going to put too much effort into 2018 Lexus GS F. Aggressive car will show bold design and aerodynamic look. This is not only stylish but also functional. Updates in the infotainment and safety systems are the greatest novelties.

However, the interior is comfortable and elegant, with the latest gadgets on the control panel. It is not impossible for the company to try out some new features for the upcoming redesign. Outside, only minor modifications are coming, which only true fans of this car can spot.

2018 Lexus GS F side view

2018 Lexus GS F arrival

While developing a new generation of the sedan, the company will find time to introduce 2018 Lexus GS F. Without big changes, we doubt the big show will host the premiere. We can’t exclude opinions of these experts claiming that car won’t be out until new generation.

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