2018 Lexus RC 200t


The RC 200t is a sports coupe that will be entry model for Lexus. This segment is full of luxurious and attractive cars, so it is not easy to make an impact. But, if any company is capable of doing this, that would be Lexus. Highlights are two-door design and powerful engine.  Nevertheless, the model must introduce some innovations and many parts to be better than the competition. With few trim levels, this company will make 2018 Lexus RC 200t one of the most interesting vehicles in the upcoming season. A lot of unique parts and details are about to make an appearance on the coupe.

2018 Lexus RC 200t

2018 Lexus RC 200t exterior

Highlights of the exterior appearance are 18-inch wheels. In the standard offer, these are alloy-wheels, while higher trims can get bigger rims. The 2018 Lexus RC 200t is coming with two-door styling and many other features making it aggressive and appealing. LED lights are on both front and rear end. The shape is unique. Since this is a sports coupe, ground clearance is slightly lower than on standard RC model. The versatile car will be both stylish and functional for many occasions. Although being tiny, cargo room will be able to take some of the stuff. Not big, but having in mind this is sports coupe, it comes as a bonus.

2018 Lexus RC 200t interior

Comfort, innovations, hi-tech features, climate… everything is on high level inside 2018 Lexus RC 200t. First of all – comfort. Leather seats and steering wheel are pleasant. Furthermore, climate control is easy and provide air conditioning. The dashboard is modern and has all s sport coupe needs. Gauges and indicators are visible and different than on other Lexus vehicles. The big touchscreen display is at the center of the console. All controls are there and easy to use. Infotainments system includes modern audio speakers and probably different connectivity options for smartphones. Finally, navigation is available in higher trims. Safety is a story for itself. We know that Lexus is paying a lot of attention to this area, and everything is even better for 2018 RC 200t.

2018 Lexus RC 200t engine

Under the hood of the 2018 Lexus RC 200t will be a 2.0-l four-cylinder engine. This versatile unit will be also durable. Furthermore, it will give a boost to overall reliability. We believe Lexus will use drivetrain in combination with 8-speed automatic transmission. This will be good for 240 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque at 1600 rpm. The front-wheel drive system is the only option, according to early information. All-wheel drive and manual transmission are not in consideration. We doubt that diesel could surprise all the fans which eagerly expect official information about the car. Some early reports are saying RC 200t will be able to sprint to 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds. Also, engineers are working on the braking system. It will take less to stop the vehicle, while also improving overall safety.

2018 Lexus RC 200t engine

2018 Lexus RC 200t conclusion

The 2018 Lexus RC 200t could be a real deal in the sports coupe market. Its price is still unclear, but we can try to guess it comparing to other vehicles in the same class. For example, German manufacturers are pricing their products over $43,000. However, these are brands whose name is raising the price, while offer being on par with what we get from RC 200t. Maybe more reliable to compare with are Infiniti and Cadillac, whose ATS and Q60 are around $39,000. Lexus could try to settle its coupe somewhere in this region, depending on the overall offer. Nevertheless, nothing spectacular and radical is expected, so the price will follow. With some innovations and changes, 2018 RC 200t will try to be a reliable and versatile car, which is not going to charge fancy features to its customers.

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