2018 Lexus SC


After a few year of pause, Lexus could release one of their popular grand tourers. It is the 2018 Lexus SC. After discontinuation in 2010, a new generation will refresh the segment. There is a concept for a while, but it seems like the car is coming as 2018 model. However, earlier reports predicted it for this season, but it is likely that vehicle is coming next year. We will have to wait for the premiere to get all information. At this point, we can only catch pieces of it through rumors and some leaking reports.

2018 Lexus SC front view

2018 Lexus SC engine

History of engines for Lexus SC shows we can expect all from it. The second generation had V-6, and then V-8, with the output of 200 hp and 350 lb-ft. For a new car, experts predict 5.0-l V-8 as the main unit, with massive power delivery. This drivetrain can make 450 horses. It pairs a 10-pace gearbox, which shifts automatically. Another version of the roadster is the hybrid. This combo uses the 3.5-l V-6 engine and an electric battery for even more energy. Specs of the plug-in version are 500hp, 5.5 sec sprint to 60 mph and top speed of 160 mph.

2018 Lexus SC rumor

2018 Lexus SC redesign

The 2018 Lexus SC will be sports coupe with aggressive appearance. Also, its interior is elegant and modern. The latest features will find its spot inside the cabin. Comfort and safety are at the highest level. Outside, big wheels and the sharp outer line will attract interest from true fans. Net is making grille so unique, and sharp lights boost overall impression.

2018 Lexus SC interior

2018 Lexus SC release date and price

It is still unknown when 2018 Lexus SC could appear. Earlier predictions were that vehicle is coming in 2017. Now, it is more likely it heads to 2018 season. However, the delay is possible again, since the company is still quiet about it. But, fans are on alert, so setback could disappoint them. Price is another area where we don’t know much. More details will be available as release time approaches. Since main competitors are BMW 6-series and Mercedes-Benz SL class, the price could be similar. That means SC will cost at least $80,000. Higher trims will go over $100,000.

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