2018 Mazda 8


If you are looking for a big multi-purpose vehicle, Mazda might have exactly what you need. This is probably not the most popular segment, but fans appreciate every vehicle in the different class. Also, it gives a versatility to the carmaker. Furthermore, this segment is good to develop some details and use them for other classes. One of these experimental models is the 2018 Mazda 8. The full-size multi-purpose vehicle can be a commuting car. But, if you need a commercial vehicle, there is Mazda 8 again as a suitable help. However, it is not yet one of the leaders in the segment, since buyers usually need either of these functions. So, the model remains the versatile choice for various needs. This is something that pays off sooner or later.

2018 Mazda 8

2018 Mazda 8 engine

Under the hood of the 2018 Mazda 8 is a 2.3-l 4-cylinder drivetrain. The MPV must have good output numbers and smooth ride in one. That is exactly what buyers get from this vehicle. With 170 horsepower and 200 Nm, it is right choice both for towing and transportation. Energy goes through SVT gearbox. This 5-pace transmission system routes power to front wheels. Another advantage of the Sequential Valve Timing gearbox is smooth shifting and quiet ride. Furthermore, there is an Activematic feature, allowing a driver to switch between automatic and manual mode. As about performance, top speed will be over 170 km/h, and MPV is not going to be too pacey. It can reach 100 km/h mark in around 13 seconds.

2018 Mazda 8 features

Interior layout of the 2018 Mazda 8 is spacious. Its number in name shows how many people the car can take. Being used for commuting or family trips, this is a good choice. Reasons are numerous. The infotainment system is interesting and modern, and all passengers will enjoy the new audio system. Split folding seats in the last row are making this MPV versatile and very functional. If you have more travelers, leave them as they are. If there is extra cargo, then just fold them for more space. Accessing the rear rows is simple with sliding doors and tailgate. Side curtains and airbags on the front are basic safety features, and Mazda 8 can offer many. There are systems that control stability, and traction is good as on some 4WD vehicles.

2018 Mazda 8 review

2018 Mazda 8 expectations

The MPVs are there to be functional. So it is with 2018 Mazda 8. Fans don’t expect it to be spectacular. This model is there to tow and to transfer people from one spot to another. It is fulfilling its purpose, and nothing else is so important. In the matter of fact, buyers will be happy to see it cheaper than before. But, this is not so likely because of the evolution of safety features and infotainment system. With the same dimensions, cargo area has similar capacity, and we will have to wait to see if there will be some modification on seating layout. The durability of Japanese engines and parts is sure, so there are no worries about it.

2018 Mazda 8 price and competition

The 2018 Mazda 8 will be out early next year. To be competitive, the Japanese company is not going to take a risk with delay. Ford is upgrading its S-Max for next season. Also, VW is preparing 7-seater Touran. From Japanese competitors, Mazda 8 will face competition in Honda Odyssey. Finally, European buyers have already got used to Citroen Grand C4 Picasso. To be one more tempting to buyers, we could see Mazda’s MPV under $30,000. Nevertheless, that would be the base unit, while higher trims will definitely go over $40,000. This will at least lure some fans to see the new model.

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