2018 Mazda MX-5 RF


The MX-5 Miata has a long and fruitful history. After almost three decades, it is impossible to find a car fan who don’t know about it. Nevertheless, innovations through all these years are one of the main reasons why this model is so popular. Different versions of this 2-seater are always welcome, so all enthusiasts can’t wait to see what 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF brings. We know it’s been on a diet, so the lighter vehicle will be there for the upcoming season. Besides that, changes in materials used for the build are very important. With upgrades on the engine, MX-5 RF will be faster and quicker. However, horsepower is at the same level as before.

2018 mazda mx-5 rf front view

2018 Mazda MX-5 RF roof

Aggressive and attractive are two words that describe 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF the best. The classic Miata was very popular because of its look and design. Now, the new vehicle is about to bring it back to the buyers. An interesting fact is that the 2018 year RF model is only 80 kg heavier than the first ever model from 1990. The RF in the name stands for “Retractable Fastback”, or retractable hardtop. Standard Miata is coming with a soft top, which is removing manually. The electric system helps in folding in an easier way. It is next generation of previous PRHT system – power-retractable hardtop.

2018 mazda mx-5 rf

2018 Mazda MX-5 RF redesign

Removable top is the highlight of the 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF. However, other parts are not less interesting. The infotainment system is modern with the latest features. Also, comfortable seats and climate control are on another level. Many controls are coming from buttons placed on the steering wheel. The dashboard is clean and simple, so usage is not hard to solve. Outside, the low car is aerodynamic. Small ground clearance is making it faster. Hood shape and lights are functional in many ways. One of the purposes is to lure more fans, and these are the first things many people see. So, Mazda must be attractive at first sight, which is completed the task with these two parts.

2018 Mazda MX-5 RF engine

There will be two trims of the upcoming car. However, differences will be cosmetic and in many systems, while the engine is the same for both. Under the hood of the 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF is a 2.0-l SkyActive drivetrain with 4 cylinders. This engine can deliver 160 horses and 150 lb-ft of torque. This is slightly more than its predecessor offers. Fans will appreciate any improvement, even if it is in few horses. Once again, we will have the option to choose between manual and automatic gearbox. This router is going to send power to front wheels.

2018 mazda mx-5 rf rear view

2018 Mazda MX-5 RF driving

Upgrades on the suspension will make rides over bumps much better than before. Previous owners are going to feel the difference, and it is one of the main improvements on the 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF. Furthermore, with losing some pounds from its body, weight offers different feeling when the new car moves faster. This is especially noticeable at turns. Nevertheless, it is not affecting boosts from suspension additions. Finally, the engine is quieter and side wind noises are reduced.

2018 mazda mx-5 rf review

2018 Mazda MX-5 RF price and competition

Experts believe Mazda will offer their product for about $32,000. This is reasonable price comparing to its competition. For example, a cheaper alternative is the Toyota 86 Coupe. Nevertheless, there are some much more expensive cars in the same segment such as BMW Z4 Convertible and Mercedes-Benz SLK300 Convertible. Expectations from 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF are very high. We will notice it right from the premiere, although regular model will come out first. The “Retractable Fastback” version will follow after some while.

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