2018 Mazdaspeed 3


The 2018 Mazdaspeed 3 will be a fresh hot-hatch model with lots of improvements. This car will try to compete Golf and Focus ST, but we doubt it will go so smooth. There are also Subaru WRX and Mini Cooper S, as other competitors.

However, another model in the segment will give buyers more options, wider offer, and probably, better prices. There are many reasons we believe fans will choose Mazdaspeed 3. The high-performance vehicle will satisfy the needs of most buyers. Also, its attractive appearance will lure younger fans of such hot-hatch. Finally, durability and reliability will be advantages for those looking for a genuine hatchback.

2018 mazdaspeed 3

2018 Mazdaspeed 3 engine

The second generation of this hatchback will bring new concept. For 2018 Mazdaspeed 3 engineers are preparing a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder drivetrain. This Skyactiv unit is the favorite, but changes are not impossible to happen. Experts believe this engine can be capable of delivering 190 horses.

Also, some reports are investing a possibility of adding turbo or supercharger. Nevertheless, these parts will find its way in upper trims. With tuning the engine, Mazdaspeed 3 will be able to produce over 300 hp. This is possible with a 6-speed automatic transmission and AWD drive system.

2018 mazdaspeed 3 rear view

2018 Mazdaspeed 3 platform

A new concept of the 2018 Mazdaspeed 3 hot-hatch brings significant changes. First of all, we will spot bigger, 18-inch wheels. The aggressive look comes with new lines and curves. The car is aerodynamic and lighter than before, which we will feel on fuel economy. According to leaking information, there will be few eye-catching details on the exterior.

Besides wheels, the tail will offer spectacular appearance. The innovative interior will offer touch-screen display, premium audio and infotainment system, and top safety features. Seats and upholstery are covered with premium materials, making this car almost a premium, high-class model.

2018 mazdaspeed 3 interior

2018 Mazdaspeed 3 release and price

The 2018 Mazdaspeed 3 will appear by the end of 2017. We doubt all editions are coming at once. Higher trims will appear in 2018.

The base model, which should come first, will cost around $23,000. Turbocharged version, with a lot more of power and additional packages, will go up to $30,000. This price is slightly cheaper than Mazda’s rivals set for their models.

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