2018 Toyota Allion


Revisit of the Allion sedan brought a positive effect Toyota bosses expected to see. The revival of the lineup will increase the chances of the company in the tough market. The next episode after a redesign in 2016 is the arrival of 2018 Toyota Allion.

Definitely, a lot of fans will consider purchasing this sedan. There are many reasons behind this statement. Economical and reliable, the car has a lot more to offer. Nevertheless, rivals will respond, so Japanese manufacturer has no right for mistakes. Price could drop, and buyers will be happy to hear if this happens.

2018 Toyota Allion front view

2018 Toyota Allion design and safety

The 2018 Toyota Allion is not the luxury sedan, but it has a lot to offer. First of all, there is stylish look and modern appearance. Use of chrome will increase its look, as well as refreshment on the grille. Slight changes could come on lights and bumpers. Infotainment system receives all required updates, as well as new display. Upholstery and dashboard are pretty much the same, while additions will increase overall safety. For example, there will be lane departure alert, automatic high beam, and ABS. Of course, we don’t have to mention airbags.

2018 Toyota Allion engine

Buyers always appreciate family cars with good fuel economy. Instead of power, the 1.5-l I-4 drivetrain will bring excellent mileage for 2018 Toyota Allion. In pair with a 6-speed transmission, it can deliver around 110 hp and 100 lb-ft of torque.

On the other hand, more power comes from the 1.8-l unit. With Valvematic and DOHC systems, Toyota improves sedan’s numbers to 140 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque. However, the price is worse fuel economy. But, with 4×4 system, we get better handling and traction.

2018 Toyota Allion review

2018 Toyota Allion competition and price

We still don’t know which trims will be available for 2018 Toyota Allion sedan. However, experts believe the price will start from just $20,000. Additionally, the cost of maintenance is very low, and the car will be very durable and reliable. Minor updates will hardly lure more buyers, but parts and upgrades with higher trims can do it. However, the bad side is a higher price, probably over $30,000.

We will see the response from rivals, at first place Mitsubishi Lancer. This vehicle has a better background, so it is not easy to steal the show from it. But, if someone can shake the throne of this sedan, it is Toyota.

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