2018 Toyota Aurion


We can hear rumors that Camry vehicle is going to replace 2018 Toyota Aurion. The company is still quiet about this, but we believe this could be true. A 2018 year model will be the last chance for Australian buyers to get their favorite car. On this continent, Aurion had major success.

We will see what kind of response will come for new Camry. Also, the 2018 Aurion will have a goodbye in style, with a better model than before. The Japanese carmaker is coming with improvements in design and performance, as well as for mileage and safety. All in all, this sedan will probably carry some parts from its successor.

2018 Toyota Aurion

2018 Toyota Aurion engine

Under the hood of the 2018 Toyota Aurion is a 3.5-l V-6 engine with VVT-I system. A 6-speed transmission transmits power to wheels. We still don’t know which drive type Aurion is going to use. Estimations about output start from 250 hp and 240 hp, or 330 Nm. The car will be able to put sprint to 60 mph numbers under 7 seconds.

About other possibilities, it is the same situation as for new Camry. A 2.5-l I-4 is not confirmed yet, but experts find it as the perfect alternative to big V-6. It can produce less power, but it can replace this task with better fuel economy.

2018 Toyota Aurion rear view

2018 Toyota Aurion release date

As new Camry starts its Australian life later this year, new 2018 Toyota Aurion will arrive later. Price for this sedan will be around $25,000, while its successor will be slightly cheaper. Furthermore, with higher trims come more features, and these versions will raise the price closer to $30,000.

2018 Toyota Aurion interior

2018 Toyota Aurion features

We are sure that 2018 Toyota Aurion will borrow many parts from the new Camry. Nevertheless, for its last run, some unique parts are at must. However, exteriorly is attractive, and many people will be sorry to see the discontinuation of Aurion.

Also, this model will use its grille and lights, while the interior will carry parts from its successor. Furthermore, new infotainment system will bring more excitement. The safety is on the highest level so far. All in all, we are going to miss this sedan.

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