2018 Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports Freestyle


The 2018 Toyota Auris is a compact hatchback, which is one of the most interesting vehicles from the car show in Frankfurt. It’s trim level, Touring Sports Freestyle is causing a lot of attention, with reason.

The vehicle offers significant upgrades. Cosmetic and technology changes will bring more buyers, that is for sure. However, there is a lot more behind this. The special edition is unique in many ways, and fans know to appreciate all innovations.

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With them, Freestyle version of 2018 Auris is more like crossover, than the hatchback. Not only this trim but also the standard car is going to introduce new systems and features, as well as some styling novelties.

Auris Touring Sports Freestyle

2018 Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports Freestyle details

Many cosmetic updates will make a roof of both 2018 Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports Freestyle lower. Nevertheless, other model is larger and can offer more cargo space. It can also lure buyers with its wheel arch covers, painted in black. The same color is on side skirts, while underbody has more protection. Aluminum finish is making both trims stylish and elegant. Alloy wheels are in the black color scheme, with five double-spokes styling. There is also privacy glass on the back and black grille. The exterior color scheme has two additional paint jobs. Buyers can purchase 2018 Auris in blue or Manhattan gray variant. There will probably be more combinations, but for now, we will see only these two.

2018 Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports Freestyle engine

We still don’t know what will be under the hood of the 2018 Toyota Auris. Also, Touring Sports Freestyle version will get tuned engines, but that is a mystery too. Experts are sure that the Japanese company is going to give special care to this model. Because of that, we could see it in petrol, diesel, and hybrid variant. However, with only a few months before the premiere, the hatchback is coming only with gasoline drivetrain. Possibilities are numerous, but favorites are 1.2-l four-cylinder and 1.6-l powertrains.The first one could be a version for the base unit, and the bigger engine will produce energy for Auris Touring Sports Freestyle model. The output of 135 hp is enough for this kind of vehicle, while base unit can deliver 110 horses. A 5-speed auto or 6-pace manual transmissions will be at buyer’s choice.

Auris Touring Sports Freestyle review

Auris Touring Sports Freestyle release date

We already had a chance to see what will 2018 Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports Freestyle bring. However, these are not the final versions, because there is still enough time for changes. According to plan, hatchbacks will be available for purchase in December. By then, engineers are going to take care of all lacks. But, that is not all. There are rumors telling that Auris will have even more versions, while Touring model could come later. This is one of the most popular vehicles from Japanese carmaker, with over the 1 million sold units. Diesel and hybrid model will be part of the lineup, but there is no information when will these appear at dealerships.

Auris Touring Sports Freestyle rear view


Toyota is one of the leaders in the market in all segments. To maintain its position, they have to launch new models, fill missing spots in different classes, and upgrade existing lineup. Because of that, we will see Touring Sports Freestyle version of 2018 Toyota Auris. Although the base model suffers a lot of changes, there is a new trim level to lure more buyers. Also, its premiere with standard version is showing that bosses in Toyota are serious about this. Nevertheless, Freestyle will be there for a limited time, and fans won’t have too much time to get this edition. Toyota is planning to remove it from salons when they prepare everything for hybrid and diesel variants

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