2018 Toyota Auris Release Date, Price and Specs


A new era of hatchbacks is what Toyota is hoping to begin with the new 2018 Toyota Auris. Even though it looks somewhat similar to the predecessors, with a few fresh changes in the exterior, enhanced and comfortable interior and a superlative mileage, things are looking good with this new hatchback that Toyota is about to unleash soon.

2018 Toyota Auris front

2018 Toyota Auris – Sporty Look

Even though it does adopt its style from the predecessor, the 2018 Toyota Auris is going to be more fun and sporty in its design.

It incorporates several stylish components like the sleek curves and lines, the chrome grille that is placed out in the front with advanced LED lights. The vents are spacious enough to ensure that the engine remains well-aerated at all times.

The fascia has a glossy nose that might make the Auris look like a snob, but given the design and features, it certainly deserves to look as egotistical as it does.

The lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum will be used to manufacture the Auris. It means you will get better speed and good fuel efficiency. You will see better bumpers in the rear end apart from new LED tail lights.

Interior Features

Just like any other Toyota car, you will be highly impressed when you step into the 2018 Toyota Auris. The cabin is very spacious, providing ample leg space and shoulder space along with comfortable leather seats. An insulating material covers the dashboard and the tunnel gearbox which ensures a noise-free drive.

Expect a well designed, instrumental dashboard in this one, with advanced music surround sound speakers and a 4.2 inch TFT display screen. The uniform cooling system will always ensure that the driver and the passengers have a comfortable experience in the car.

The Toyota knows that the world expects the best from its cars when it comes to the safety. The newest Auris shall also have all the safety features that you can possibly think of. Some of them are lane departure warning, road signaling systems, and pre-collision warning.

2018 Toyota Auris interior

Engine Specs of the 2018 Toyota Auris

The performance of 2018 Toyota Auris is going to be as smooth as butter. It is going to be powered by a 1.6-liter engine generating a 132 horsepower. This engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Given the light weight of the car, in just 10 seconds, it can zoom up from 0 to 60 mph. And when it comes to mileage, it will give a cut-throat competition to those who boast of superior mileage in this segment.

The 2018 Auris Hybrid will be powered by a 1.8-liter petrol engine in combination with 650 V electric motor. This HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) powertrain is paired with 7-speed CVT transmission. The 1.8-liter petrol engine generates about 100 hp and the electric motor has 80 hp. The 6.5 Ah nickel metal-hydride battery gets a charge from petrol engine or braking.

2018 Toyota Auris rear

Release Date and Expected Price

The 2018 Toyota Auris is bringing a combination of luxury and sporty performance. It will be launched at the end of 2017, there are high expectations from the Auris. It will have a starting price of around $ 19,500. Also, the 2018 Auris Hybrid models have a starting price of $ 21,000.

The previous models have been warmly received and the makers are certainly hoping for a bigger and better response from the market this time. It is likely going to live up to the hype that it has created!

Is 2018 Toyota Auris the third generation of this model?

The answer is YES! According to the latest news, it will arrive at the beginning of 2018. First, it will be available ad 5-door hatchback and few months after that Toyota will present 4-door Auris sedan. It will share the same platform with Prius and we can see that some exterior features it has taken from this model.

With a more modern look, the new Auris for 2018 also offers more space in the interior, as well as a wide list of security and driver assistance systems.

First spy photos of the new Toyota Auris 2018

Toyota Auris 2018 spy photo front view

Maybe it does not look on the, but the new generation of Toyota Auris hides under this heavy camouflage. This model receives many advanced technical features that we have already seen in C-HR and in the new Prius.

At the front, this camouflaged Auris 2018 has a yellow snow protector which obviously hides a new grill. Also, we can see that front lights will be completely redesigned.

The exterior mirrors are mounted higher than the current model and it seems as if the third side window is integrated into the door. This would mean that the C-column is changed. The actual design of the new Toyota Auris 2018 can not be said yet due to the extreme camouflage.

Toyota Auris 2018 spy photo rear view

As you can see from this second spy picture, it looks like the back lights will not be changed at all.

We can conclude that it is certain that new Auris is moving to the TNGA platform on which the current Prius is based. Engines and technology could also be taken over by the hybrid brother Prius or by the new C-HR. Probably the third generation of the Toyota Auris will come on the market in 2018.

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