2018 Toyota Avanza


The 2018 Toyota Avanza is new refreshment on market in past several years. It seems that as time passes by, the smaller and yet compact vehicles can be approachable with luxury style. However, some of them are quite popular in Asia. These are a No1 vehicle in several countries. Also, production of this vehicle is popular even in Malaysia. There, the growth of machinery had a blast in past years. Finally, the 2018 Avanza is actually a brand-new version which was developed for an entry-level MPV.

2018 Toyota Avanza review

2018 Toyota Avanza release date and price

Toyota made an offer which no one refuses. Well, affordable with high-quality specs, estimated price for this model should be about $20,000 for base models. Upper trims will cost higher. Furthermore, for updated models price is supposed to reach even $26,000 over the main goal. Additional tools and systems will be available as soon as production reaches positive number for European market mainly.


2018 Toyota Avanza styling

The 2018 Toyota Avanza is the new prototype of the popular minivan. This vehicle is coming worldwide. The minivan from Japanese carmaker is there to show how traveling can be comfortable with no extra expenses. However, comfort and fast transmission are few of the most appealing specs. This is a promising start. Nevertheless, the Avanza had very popular predecessors in Indonesia. So, the new models will come in markets of Europe and USA. Shell is simple, with many color solutions. LED lighting system is in both versions of luxury lines. Interior features and safety will introduce some new systems and equipment.

2018 Toyota Avanza interior

2018 Toyota Avanza specs

The engine for new 2018 Toyota Avanza is going to be fair and modern. This is more desirable on market nowadays. Also, the design of the engine will be tolerant to new fuel additions. Some of them are friendly for the environment and some are innovative and support the newest technologies. With some modifications, which are in the machinery room, we can say that this engine is far more competing in fuel savings. This model’s engine will be 1.5-l gasoline with VVT-i system. This drivetrain can make 190 hp in pair with five-speed manual transmission.

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