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The new 2018 Toyota Avensis is revamped. Along with a more stylish design, the buyers can look forward to better headlights, bumpers and improved wheels that give the model a more streamlined look. The current (third) generation of Toyota Avensis is introduced in 2009. This is a very popular model and with the new 2018 Avensis, the Toyota is expected to take the heat to the next level.

When it comes to the interior, you will get everything that Toyota is famous for offering its customers. First of all spacious interior, up-to-date safety features and advanced specifications. Everyone has high hopes for this one and Toyota won’t let you down.

2018 Toyota Avensis front

2018 Toyota Avensis – Exterior and Interior Design

Starting on the outside, the model is a bit similar to the predecessors, with a few modifications here and there. The fender is one of the most striking features along with the grille with the Toyota emblem.

The LED lights have been a fresh and a much-needed replacement as they offer more brightness and take up less power compared to the old ones. With 17-inch alloy rims, traveling experience for the passengers should get an excellent boost.

The Avensis can easily accommodate five adults and while the cargo space may not be world-class, it is still good enough for us and well thought of. The dashboard is also user-friendly with a touchscreen that provides the shortcut buttons. Compared to the Avensis released a few years ago, the interiors are more impressive and remain spacious as well.

Safety and Other Features

The 2009 Avensis received the maximum five-star rating when it came to safety. It ensures maximum safety for the driver and other passengers. Since the 2018 Toyota Avensis is closely based on that, you can expect it to get excellent ratings as well.

Every 2018 Avensis is equipped with seven airbags and tire-pressure monitoring. The models apart from the base shall have additional features like blind spot warning system and lane departure.

We recommend going for the Business Edition of the 2018 Toyota Avensis. This package features Bluetooth, steering wheel with controls on it, USB ports and aux-in slot. Also, you get additional ones like WiFi connectivity, rearview camera, keyless start and also a digital radio.

2018 Toyota Avensis interior view

Engine Specs

The two completely new diesel engines of the 2018 Toyota Avensis are borrowed from BMW. The first one is 1.6 liter that gives you an 112 horsepower, and 118 pound-feet of torque. The other one is a 2.0 liter, giving you a 143 horsepower and 144 pound-feet. From the 0 to 62-mph it accelerates in less than 9 seconds. Also, it has a top speed of the 124 mph.

These figures might not sound great, but you can’t deny that they are good.

 2018 Toyota Avensis side view

Final Verdict

Providing you with a good view and a light steering wheel that makes handling easily the Avensis should give you a good experience. The 2.0-liter engine of the 2018 Toyota Avensis is obviously a better choice as it is more powerful. All-in-all the Avensis stands for everything that Toyota is synonymous with – comfort, durability, and reliability. The price of the upcoming 2018 Toyota Avensis will be around $27,000. Finally, the release date is expected at the end of 2017.

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