2018 Toyota Corolla


Toyota is always a synonym for perfection and high rate in every product they make. Toyotas series of Corolla s is one of the best selling models. First Corolla general schedule made an entrance through the market back in 70is and made a superb revenue. It took a lot of effort for designers to create something new but yet with old and classic details like their model NO1. With Toyota’s development of technology and superb lineup and overall changes in concept, new 2018 Toyota Corolla sedan is ready for presentation and good selling records.

2018 Toyota Corolla

2018 Toyota Corolla design

It is expected that new 2018 Toyota Corolla remains the same, although it is possible for backspace to be changed. The back side of the trunk should be redesigned and changed, so the overall shell is bigger and cozier. That will include inner space to, so the cabin is wider and spacious. Dimensions are going to be larger, so the main point of line up stays as it was. Inner space will keep its decorations and leather materials also adding LED tech. The entire lighting system is the latest technology. Finally, dashboard equipment is not short of details.

2018 Toyota Corolla side view

2018 Toyota Corolla engine

The new 2018 Toyota Corolla sedan is going to get a 1.8-liter engine which provides 132hp. Also, there is another engine in development to ensure eco sedan for saving the environment and fuel resumption. Most of Corollas models are having the changeable transmission power and it has different rates. Although the 6-speed manual is reliable for sedans, we can find a lot more on other models. The ride is comfortable with no noise sounds or tangling. This engine is not much aggressive towards rough terrain.

2018 Toyota Corolla rear view

2018 Toyota Corolla price

It is still early for giving any predictions possible, so we can just take a short notice and compare with earlier models. So, the basic price should be around $19,000. With any extra features is not going to be much higher. Some experts estimate the top cost just over $23,000, but not much. Final release date will be in the year 2019 but we will know for sure correct date by the end of current year.

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