2018 Toyota Crown


With every new product, Toyota company has more and more success in every field. So the new 2018 Toyota Crown is going to be one of the most demanding luxury sedans in a past few years. Stunned by new performances, this car maker decided to go one step further and to create two types of vehicles. Crown will have two type of shape as Royal and Athlete with great performance skills. Many new updates have arrived and it tends to be most wanted vehicle worldwide.

2018 Toyota Crown front view

2018 Toyota Crown design

The new vehicle of Toyota will have a special design. According to comparisons before, this new model will have sharper lines and well-designed concept. The shell itself will have longer dimensions and aggressive look. Well positioned interior and spacious seat layout makes this vehicle super adjustable. Interior can have 6passengers with a larger trunk, which is comfortable for minor traveling. Led technology is spotted in every segment and its keeping to rise with every update. Since the new arrival confirms all the updates we can say more about details regarding inner specs.

2018 Toyota Crown interior

2018 Toyota Crown engine

For new 2018 Toyota Crown, there will be two new module designed to match with Athlete and Royal. It is more likely to be the first option a V-6 3.5-liter. Its output is 310 hp. For the new 2018 Crown, there could also get a 2.5-liter engine with 200 hp and 245 lb-ft of torque. Some speculations are about the hybrid motor, which is maybe the best solution for this type of vehicle. Transmission is automatic, with a 6-speed box. There is also a manual system. All-wheel drive is optional, while FWD comes standard. Diesel unit shouldn’t happen, but there is a hope for this unit.

2018 Toyota Crown rear view

2018 Toyota Crown price

There are no certain details about the price since the final presentation is expected by the end of current year. Since the last year, many of its predecessors have sold and this one is supposed to be similar with a price tag. Some sources are estimated to go over $31,500 for base units. With many other updates, it seems to be up to $49,000.

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