2018 Toyota Fortuner Review, Specs and Price


With the tremendous success that the Fortuner line has enjoyed in the past, the 2018 Toyota Fortuner has certainly got high expectations to meet. And seeing that it is Toyota that we are talking about, you can be sure that it will be better than what you expect. Ever since it was launched in 2005, it has changed the way the world perceives SUVs.

2018 Toyota Fortuner front

2018 Toyota Fortuner – Bigger and Stronger

The 2018 Toyota Fortuner is likely to look similar to its predecessors with just slight modifications here and there. However, when it comes to size and performance, this one is going to be bigger and, yes, stronger. With a larger wheelbase and 18-inch wheels, this handsome SUV will be the perfect vehicle for all kinds of terrains. It will have fog lights as well as LED daytime lights on either side of the bumper. The grille out in the front will have an improved design bearing the Toyota logo. The tailpipes will be new too.

The 2018 Toyota Fortuner is going to be a peppered with leather and metallic trims. The interior design will be an extremely spacious and comfortable, matching the rugged exterior and powerful engine performance.

Like its predecessor, it will come equipped with the Start/Stop engine button. Furthermore, it means that the car will have almost every technological feature that you can possibly think of- such as rear parking camera, Follow Me Home function, tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel and so on.

Safety is one feature that Toyota never compromises on. That is why you will get every state-of-the-art safety feature in the 2018 Fortuner like- Active Traction Control, emergency brake signal, brake assist, hill assist control, vehicle stability control along with the basic airbags. So you will have nothing to worry about!

2018 Toyota Fortuner interior

Powertrain Details of the 2018 Toyota Fortuner

Since no official announcement has been made by the maker about a brand new engine, we will focus on the current version that is in use.

It will have a 2.8 liter inline – 4, that will deliver a 174 horsepower. The 309 pound-feet of torque will rises to 331-pound feet when combined with an automatic gearbox.

2018 Toyota Fortuner rear

Release Date, Price and Final Thoughts

The car is expected to get launched by the end of this year or in early 2018. This model is a magical experience for the passengers and a sheer pleasure to drive. With its roomy and comfortable interior, strong and impressive exterior and excellent performance, the car will make you fall in love with it every single day. The price of the 2018 Toyota Fortuner will be around $45,000.

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