2018 Toyota FT-1


To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Toyota could launch a new car. Experts are guessing which it could be, and one concept seems to be favorite. The 2018 Toyota FT-1 is somehow special, and ideal for an anniversary release. It is clean performance car with aggressive appearance. Everything on this model has its meaning and function, so there is no doubt it will alarm entire industry. We know CALTY design department is working on it. Many details are still far away from the official announcement. Some of the styling solutions will be pretty similar as for the Supra. However, FT-1 is better, faster, stronger. The output will be close to 500 hp, and torque level will also be breathtaking. Some fans already found out that FT-1 stands for Future Toyota-One. If that is true, the name is sending signals that this car will take a special place in the pecking order.

2018 toyota ft-1

2018 Toyota FT-1 design

Some photos and pictures leaked online, and we can see what to expect from 2018 Toyota FT-1. This car is very aggressive, and it is hard to believe someone will be apathetic to it. Experts turn their attention to the roofline, which is very interesting. Contours are unbalanced, creating eye-catching detail. Comparing to Supra, the FT-1 will have similar nose and windshield. However, with few updates, the new car will be more aerodynamic. Other innovations are following with materials used in body architecture. A lot of carbon-fiber and aluminum will make 2018 FT-1 light, but strong.

2018 toyota ft-1 interior

2018 Toyota FT-1 interior

The racing cockpit is very appealing. It is focused on driver and authentic design will lure both young and older audience. Modern display behind the steering wheel is aircraft-like. Speed and other gauges are there. The complete dashboard is full of details. Atop of steering wheel holds special display with shift and driver mode indicator. Although many details are missing, we are sure that Toyota will bring a lot more racing accents. With sneak peak on steering wheel and instrument panel only, we can’t claim for sure what else will be there. Some similarities between 2018 Toyota FT-1 and Supra will be found inside the cabin, but not too many. Finally, this unit is a performance-oriented model, while Supra is a car for everyday usage.

2018 Toyota FT-1 engine

If we can say that we are missing a lot of information about the styling of the 2018 Toyota FT-1, then engine room is completely unknown. From rumors, we know that V-6 and V-8 are options, but any further detail is missing. Nevertheless, the company will aim 480 hp mark, while also being happy if the car works great around 450 hp. Even going over 500 horses mark shouldn’t be a surprise. All other information, about transmission, drive modes, and top speed is still unknown.

2018 toyota ft-1 rear view

2018 Toyota FT-1 price

Some expert believes that 2018 Toyota FT-1 will be available for $60,000. This is not confirmed yet. However, affordable is the word we could hear from bosses. A price tag of $60,000 is pretty high for a start. However, on the other hand, we still need to wait to see what does FT-1 offers. At the bottom line, this could be a bargain if this model reaches 500 hp mark and offers a lot of luxury features in the cabin. Finally, missing information could be blessing in disguise for all fans, and 80th anniversary could bring a lot of happiness to all potential buyers.

2018 Toyota FT-1 conclusion

The 2018 Toyota FT-1 will be an attractive coupe. There is no doubt it will attract the interest of the entire industry. However, we will see if Future Toyota-One is going to fulfill expectations of the company owners. Being a first production model based on the new concept doesn’t guarantee success, but according to announcements, this vehicle is something special.

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