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The 2018 Toyota Hiace is going to suffer some redesign to be more reliable and comfortable. Already one of the top transportation vehicles now will be even better. Toyota is preparing few upgrades to achieve everything a passenger need. One of the major novelty is a worldwide availability. So far, not all countries could show it in its salons. Now, Hiace is ready for impact in the entire world. What’s new? Body style revisits will bring refresh and attractive appearance. Also, safety gets a boost, as well as performance. Finally, more aluminum in the body will drop overall weight and improve mileage.

2018 toyota hiace

2018 Toyota Hiace engine

The energy source of the 2018 Toyota Hiace will be either 2.0-l or 2.7-l engine. The first one is coming with less power, but better fuel economy. The other will provide a smoother ride and faster move. Power is sent to a 6-speed automated transmission. Some reports are saying that 3.6-l V-6 could be alternative. Development is ongoing, but we will see if it will be ready for next van. If that happens, new Hiace will be ready to burst 250 hp. There are also versions with all-wheel drive and better traction. This makes the vehicle perform well both on and off the road.

2018 toyota hiace rear view

2018 Toyota Hiace redesign

Many improvements are coming for the comfort of the 2018 Toyota Hiace. First of all, the company is preparing climate and air conditioning. This is very important since this van can take 15 passengers. There is enough room for legs and head, which was a trademark of previous editions. The vehicle will be available for purchase in few trim levels. Depending on that, there are different audio systems, with up to 12 speakers. Finally, safety features are getting few improvements. However, that doesn’t mean previous editions weren’t safe. But, this model will make step up in this area.

2018 Toyota Hiace Commuter 3.0 MT Brief Review

The new Toyota Hiace Commuter 3.0 MT comes powered by 3.0 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine. This engine sends the power of 140hp to the rear wheels of the minivan. This diesel engine is paired with 5-speed manual transmission. As you can see in the image below the gearbox is mounted on the dashboard. The fuel capacity is 70 liters and fuel economy is estimated at 8.0 l /km.

This fantastic minivan has a max cargo capacity of 6000 liters and it can accommodate up to 15 passengers.

If you want to buy this minivan with an automatic transmission than Toyota Hiace Grandia 2018 is the right choice for you. It has the same 3.0-liter diesel engine as Commuter variant, however, in this version engine is paired with 4-speed automatic transmission.

If you want a bigger minivan with more space than Toyota Hiace Super Grandia 2018 is your kind of MPV. Unlike Commuter with the length of 4,695 mm and Grandia with the length of 4,840 mm, the Super Grandia is 5,380 mm and has a height of 2,285 mm. It is powered by same diesel engine which comes paired with 4-speed automatic transmission.

2018 toyota hiace interior

2018 Toyota Hiace price

There will be few trim levels of the 2018 Toyota Hiace. Base units are going to cost about $30,000. Nevertheless, there are versions with a larger wheelbase, capacity, and engine. These cost more, and some could go over $50,000. However, this is another category of vehicles, although they carry the same name as Hiace.

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