2018 Toyota MR2 Release Date, Review


The 2018 Toyota MR2 story is running to become an automotive mystery. It is expected, that the original car experience will differ from the early designs hanging in the web at the beginning of 2017. The latest news about the 2018 Toyota MR2 shows that it will strike a chord with sports & performance cars enthusiasts. The original Toyota trademark design will be enhanced by innovative details, making this model even more susceptible to future development.

2018 Toyota MR2 front

2018 Toyota MR2 –┬áBody and Design

The innovative nature of the 2018 Toyota MR2 model might be especially reflected in the overall appearance. The 2018 Toyota MR2 shows slightly aggressive and interesting look, that will most likely be supported by the novel, lighter aerodynamic materials.

All of the circulating leaks show, that most likely, the new Toyota model will stand for an extravagant look, but will also preserve the sports car character, illustrated especially by nice lines and cues. Also, the 2018 Toyota MR2 will be convertible, providing a great experience with the sunny day trips.

The exterior of the car will be enhanced by the improved rear and front lights at the corners. The car is also supposed to be equipped with durable seat covers, great navigation system and full music support. The 2018 Toyota MR2 stands for a luxurious and solid design of both the exterior and interior.

2018 Toyota MR2 interior

Engine and Performance

Although it is expected that the 2018 Toyota MR2 will become a high-performance model, exact details on engine parameters and evaluation of its power are yet to be confirmed.

However, as Toyota is highly committed to improving on each model’s fuel efficiency, we might strongly expect that this model will not become an exception. Also, the V6 engine is rather predicted to be employed by Supra. The MR2 is not only about the power, but also about weight. So, something like the 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine with double overhead cams, variable valve timing and the horsepower of around 200 can be expected.

From some rumors, the MR2 will rich 60 mph in 6 seconds with top speed of 150 mph. It is predicted by experts to become the most efficient luxurious sports car that will be released in 2018. Typically for the performance car, the users will most likely overuse the thrust, so the Toyota decided to improve on the brakes and installed airbags for the safety of all passengers.

2018 Toyota MR2 rear

Production and Cost

Although the newest Toyota MR2 release date is set to be 2018, the Toyota didn’t announce any more details. This is perhaps due to the changes in the original design project, that will take time. We can surely expect this model to drop in late 2018.

It’s hard to predict the MSRP, as previous models of MR2 were released quite a long time ago. However, the Toyota is quite protective about the price, due to the obvious competition risk increase. For sure, additional insights will be generated by the manufacturer in Tokyo this year.

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