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A slightly redesigned from the previous model, new 2018 Toyota RAV4 has more chance to be better sell vehicle. Comparing to previous models of Toyota products, new and redesigned motor and novelties in design can be very eye catching. This model should come with refresh on all features and overall different concept. It can provide better ride and everyday use.

This crossover is a model with a lot of improvements comparing to earlier Toyota crossovers and it takes a several months before final publish comes to an end. Since there is no much certain info about new 2018 Toyota RAV4, we can offer some estimated data from experts.

2018 toyota rav4 front view

2018 Toyota RAV4 Redesign

A new model of 2018 Toyota RAV4 is supposed to be offered on both: front and all-wheel drive variants. They will both have notable ground clearance. The shape of the car will be aggressive and bit of sporty. Furthermore, there can be speculations about enlarging inner space which can consider a lot of room for travelers and more space in the driver seat.

We have confirmation that seats can provide seven passengers and much more storage space in the trunk. Also, there are more colors of the vehicle in this season offer. If the client wants, it personalization is possible. Safety measures are getting a boost from better belts and airbags. But, these are not only additions to the safety system, since there are few more warning features. Lane departure and parking sensors will help a lot.

2018 toyota rav4 side view

2018 Toyota RAV4 Engine Options

There is no much information about this engine. Comparing to its predecessor which had the power of 176 hp from a 2.5-l engine, new SUV will add some more. Since there is no even sneak peak data about this product, the engine could be a dual hybrid or a diesel type. Critics are always positive when it’s about diesel engine overall.

Safety for environment and fuel reduce can have much effect on engine performance in practice. So, 2018 Toyota RAV4 is convenient for all types of ground. Special attention is on the hybrid drivetrain. This one adds 20 horses with two electric engines, and we are sure similar configuration will be available in 2018. The transmission will also remain the same, with 6-pace gearbox routing the power to the front wheels.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Pros and Cons

Owners of the 2018 Toyota RAV4 predecessors just love the spacious interior. That is some kind of tradition, which will this model continue. Also, by adding hybrid model, this vehicle turned the attention of drivers looking for the economical cars.

On the other hand, the interior is not so great, as many enthusiasts expect it to be. On the driving end, handling and cornering are sloppy. But, shifting is smooth, and a big gap between vehicle and ground allow it to go off road without worries.

Finally, the RAV4 crossover is always getting the highest grades in safety, so there is no doubt that the same will be with new one.

2018 toyota rav4 rear view

2018 Toyota RAV4 Price

Price and release date are still unknown. During this year, production will be at the top of work, and many features did not show yet. Nevertheless, Toyota has an announcement on its site about this vehicle. So, it could arrive soon. Experts predict that price will go around 25,000 dollars for an entry-level model. Higher trims with AWD will get over $30,000. These are coming after base SE trim. Fans will need to wait for a while to see other vehicles in salons. However, it will be worth of waiting, since Toyota is going to offer more equipment, features, and options with these. This will surely help RAV4 crossover in 2018 season to beat opponents. Among others, there are Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, and Mazda CX-5, from Japanese carmakers. Ford Escape is the main rival from outside this Asian country.

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