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Nowadays, the 2018 Toyota Supra is a name that the people can’t stop talking about. Ever since Toyota unveiled the FT-1 concept back in the first month of 2014, rumors have surfaced about the revival of a vehicle that died more than a decade ago.

Back when Toyota wasn’t all about dull cars that lack any kind of inspiration but bolster a considerable number of competitors in the name of reliability, it was the brand that manufactured the alpha dog of the sports car industry, the Supra. A joint venture backed by the German premium automobile manufacturer, BMW, the Toyota is all set to unleash the Supra once again upon the world.

2018 Toyota Supra front

2018 Toyota Supra – Luxury and Elegance Design

With information being scarce at the moment, it is a wise move to wait for the Supra concept launch speculated to be taking place in October this year. However, the word ‘scarce’ does not equal ‘nothing at all’. It is fair to say that times have changed and the retro design of the Supra that ruled the 1990s will simply not work anymore.

A futuristic touch to the upcoming Supra is most likely on the cards. Moreover, with BMW being jointly associated with the venture, some premium touches to the interior are expected. A steering wheel, the cabin and some gauges curated by BMW won’t be a far-fetched assumption.

With images surfacing over the internet, it is believed that the upcoming Supra will draw inspiration for its design from the FT-1 concept. The 2018 Toyota Supra is likely to sport a more compact and meaner look. The front styling is what is expected to have things in common with Toyota’s current design philosophy.

2018 Toyota Supra interior

Modifications Under the Hood of theĀ 2018 Toyota Supra

The inline engines that powered the Supra of the 1990s are nowhere near as powerful as the engines of today. Under the hood, the 2018 Toyota Supra is likely to have 4-cylinder as well as 6-cylinder engines.

Moreover, some tweaking by BMW is also likely to happen. The rear wheel platform of the Z5 is an addition the upcoming Supra is highly likely to sport. A hybrid assembly that comes with turbocharged BMW engines is another probable specification of the 2018 Toyota Supra. A horsepower of 400 is the least that can be expected of a sports car of such acclaimed stature. The engine is also likely to power the wheels with a torque of around 300 lb-ft.

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2018 Toyota Supra side

Introduction and Price

The Toyota’s and BMW’s joint venture is expected to begin production in the following year, 2018. However, the markets will likely witness the arrival of the 2018 Toyota Supra by 2019. As for the pricing, there is no official information.

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