2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Concept and Rumors


The Toyota has announced the possibility of releasing the 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel for the next model year. The Toyota always improves its sales year by year, with Toyota Hilux and Toyota Tacoma leading the way. Many people who are ignorant about Japanese pickups think Hilux and Tacoma aren’t as good as Ford and Dodge.

As a matter of fact, the Japanese pickups not only have an appealing design but they’re as reliable as American trucks. The inbound Tacoma comes in many different variants, and we’re going to present some information regarding this pickup. Our main focus today is on 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel model.

It is important to point out that we do not have any reliable details concerning this model. For that reason, we will rely exclusively on Concept and Rumors related to the Toyota version under review. We took several speculations about this model into account, and we also managed to get in touch with the people at Toyota. The result is right here in front of you. Keep reading this snippet and leave us a comment below if there’s something we’ve missed in our review.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel front

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel – Design Changes

The reinvented 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel variant shares the same platform with the 4Runner and resembles its older sibling. Some rumors claim the incoming Tacoma model features a trapezoidal grille and new bumper design. However, it is important to wait for Toyota to give us the official confirmation. Perhaps they are going to alter these features.

A lot of updates will likely become available on the inside of the next Toyota Tacoma Diesel model. It will come with a whole new metallic look. We are still not sure whether or not Toyota is going to update the technology front. However, we understand that the outgoing version delivered impressive features that appealed most of its enthusiasts.

The previous edition used top-of-the-end devices, and we haven’t heard any major complaints about it so far. Worth noting, the Toyota Tacoma Diesel variant will include leather as standard. The reason is that Toyota has always offered leather as standard on all its releases. Hence, this newcomer gets wrapped in leather as well.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel interior

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel – Few Engine Variants

The brand-new Toyota Tacoma Diesel is going to bring a variety of engines. The Toyota is trying to entice a broad range of consumers with different desires and needs. The base Tacoma Diesel model gets a 2.7-liter inline-4 engine that comes complete with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, the Toyota hasn’t confirmed the output of this motor. We will let you know as soon as the info becomes available.

As side from this, the new 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel comprises a more powerful 3.5-liter six-cylinder unit. Unlike the primary engine, this unit will get hooked to a manual gearbox. The several diesel engines will become available, but these will vary depending on the country.

The pickup trucks typically offer diesel engines because they provide the best performance. The new model of Tacoma Diesel comes to the American market, but some other engine options will become available as well.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel engine

2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel – Debut Date and Cost

The Toyota hasn’t announced the exact release date for its impending 2018 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. So, we may need to wait a little longer for the company to provide us with the reliable details. When it comes to pricing, the cheapest Toyota Tacoma Diesel model will cost around $25,000. On the other hand, more equipped variants will sell at $43,700.

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