2018 Toyota Vellfire Review, Specs and Release Date


The 2018 Toyota Vellfire is scheduled to arrive at dealers with restyled components before the spring of the next year. A source close to Toyota Motors Corporation has reported that the latest car becomes more competent, more equipped and more fuel efficient than the precursors in the lineup.

Toyota engineers have opted to reinforce many elements on this sporty minivan in an attempt to restructure and embellish the current design.

2018 Toyota Vellfire front

2018 Toyota Vellfire – Highlights a Slight Change in Design

The 2018 Toyota Vellfire version highlights a slight change in design over its immediate forerunner. The new stylish minivan gets decorated with a new set of exterior colors to fortify its exterior touch and visual appeal. The automaker has included a new grille with a broad beam, making it possible to double the headlights for extra visibility.

One of the notable developments seen on the latest Toyota Vellfire is the inclusion of a new input grid. The purported input grid comprises two front lights along with the laminated bars. The grid produces some lighting effects that help in processing a task to give a perspective of a more substantial dimension.

The manufacturer has developed the inbound 2018 Toyota Vellfire model to accommodate eight passengers in comfort. The cabin hosts automatic and flexible seats, which are made from top quality materials. Buyers can also opt for the new selection of plastic, hardwood, and steel components with a marked status that shows the extent of quality.

Passengers have what it takes to enjoy their excursion as Toyota has supplied a contemporary air conditioning device and many other add-ons preferable to buyers. For Toyota, safety and security are of utmost priority. The automaker includes the front side SRS 2 vehicle/driver cumulative safety and security in conjunction with 11 airbags. Also, Toyota integrates the roof with a 17-speaker audio illumination that holds up to 16 distinct tones.

2018 Toyota Vellfire interior

2018 Toyota Vellfire – Engine, EPA Rating and Gearbox Specs

The 2018 Toyota Vellfire has three engine alternatives. The most likely base engine is the EH Toyota Vellfire with a 2.5-liter Atkinson, which yields 150-hp for VTEC hooked to Toyota’s E several techniques. This option features an electric motor that yields 141 HP and other 67 HP. The regular engine selection has an estimated 45.6 mpg EPA score.

The second engine variant, which is the primary option in this case, is a 2.5-liter. This motor is hooked to the 7 Sports Sequential super CVT-1. Its estimated gas usage stands at 30.1 mpg. The third option is a 3.5-liter V6 petrol drivetrain that can get 276 HP. This engine integrates the Super ECT 6-speed automatic as well as 22.3 miles per gallon EPA rating.

2018 Toyota Vellfire rear

2018 Toyota Vellfire – Debut and Cost

Toyota is yet to confirm the exact time of shipping and delivery for the 2018 Toyota Vellfire. Nevertheless, we believe the latest Toyota Vellfire will hit the dealerships before the spring or mid-year of 2018. A close ally of Toyota authorities had earlier given us the automaker’s operating program for next year.

All indications suggest a possible debut and on-sale date before the next year’s spring. As far as price is concerned, a lot of reports claim a starting price tag of $27,000. We will revisit this story and provide the necessary updates before the 2018 Toyota Vellfire goes to the market. So, stay tuned here for a while as we look for the latest updates.

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