2018 Toyota Yaris


Trademark of the compact hatchback class is Yaris from Toyota. Japanese manufacturer already launched a new model for next season. According to first impressions, 2018 Toyota Yaris is better than its predecessors. However, there are some lacks, which are a surprise to experts and enthusiasts. That is the 4-speed transmission, which is hard to see on any new model. Also, there is a Yaris iA model, which is better known as Scion iA, or Mazda 2 in disguise. Nevertheless, there are numerous advantages that owners of this model are getting. The first one is price, and then buyers will see all others.

2018 Toyota Yaris

2018 Toyota Yaris engine

The biggest disappoint of 2018 Toyota Yaris is its 4-speed automatic transmission system. We thought reports are false, but it is official. This is going to be a router of the energy that comes from a 1.5-l engine. A 4-cylinder engine can make up to 106 hp. There is another gearbox option, with 5-pace one getting fewer critics. Nevertheless, both systems are working perfectly. If not, how could anyone describe 36 mpg delivery on the highway? In the city, it is 32 mpg. Less, but still an excellent number. It is also an improvement from the last edition, which happens thanks to some aerodynamic tuning.

2018 Toyota Yaris interior

2018 Toyota Yaris styling

If the transmission is the disappointment, then styling is an absolute winner. The 2018 Toyota Yaris suffers some changes in design, which are not going to help the car achieves better mpg rating. Many modifications are impressive. Also, the interior is now spacious for a small hatchback. Furthermore, hi-tech features are not so expected in this kind of vehicle. This is the biggest addition to Yaris since 2012, and fans just love it. Mesh grille and 16-inch alloy wheels are standard on all trims. Toyota offers this hatchback in L, LE and SE versions.

2018 Toyota Yaris rear view

2018 Toyota Yaris price

The base model of the 2018 Toyota Yaris is available from $17,000. That is L model with a manual gearbox.  The Yaris iA model is not much more expensive. Upper trims will also cost more, and most expensive is the LE model with automatic transmission. We don’t know if Japanese carmaker is going to launch any other trim for new hatchback.

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