2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe And LC F Review


Many car lovers instantly fell in love with this sports car, so they eagerly wait to hear some novelties about 2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe And LC F. As you probably know, this is a brand-new model from Toyota, which car about a year ago. Still, development of this model lasted for more than five years and we can already see some great results.

First of all, this model looks amazing. It comes in in a coupe body style, featuring a naturally-aspirated V8 gasoline engine already in the base variant – pretty amazing for sure. Additionally, there’s equally good hybrid version, which combines V6 engine and electric motors. Both models are available only in coupe body style, although there are rumors about the convertible. Drop these rumors and stick to official information. The new, hi-performance 2019 LC F in on its way.

 2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe and LC F designs

Although still in the initial year of production, Toyota engineers are already preparing some nice novelties for the next year. First of all, let’s clear things out. Base models will remain completely same. We are about to see a familiar design, both outside and inside. On the other side, we are about to see a completely new, even more, amazing hi-performance version of this sports car. Not only that company has prepared a new more powerful engine, but there are also various styling tweaks to come.

The 2019 Lexus LC F will come with a variety of unique styling details. Expect novelties on parts like bumpers, spoiler, hood, rims etc. Mechanical tweaks are also coming. Expect tweaked suspension, as well as new brakes. On the inside, it should remain largely unchanged, although some smaller tweaks are certain.

2019 Lexus LC F front view

2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe And LC F changes

We are about to see novelties on both 2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe And LC F. While the new hi-performance is coming with various modifications, base version will remain unchanged. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be novelties for the base LC 500 Coupe version. Moreover, a famous Japanese tuner Wald International has prepared a special version of this sports coupe. While the mechanics remain untouched, there are significant changes when it comes to the exterior design. There is a completely new body kit, which will include things like new bumpers, fender sets, front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler and a tweaked grille. Additionally, some interior tweaks are possible as well.

2019 Lexus LC F rear view

2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe And LC F engines

Speaking of engines for 2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe And LC F models, we are about to see one big novelty. The company is going to introduce a completely new 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, which will be exclusively offered for the LC F hi-performance version. Various reports suggest a total output of more than 620 horsepower.

2019 Lexus LC 500 front view

On the other side, base models will continue in the same way. There is an atmospheric 5.0-liter V8, which delivers around 471 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque, enough for a 0-60 spring in about 4.4 seconds.

On the other side, a hybrid version is a more economical choice. This version features much better fuel economy, without much suffering when it comes to power. Total output goes around 355 horsepower. Acceleration is also pretty amazing, which average fuel economy goes around 30 miles per gallon.

2019 Lexus LC 500 rear view

2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe And LC F price

Speaking of price, base models will continue without changes. Base models will go around 90.000 dollars. On the other side, new LC F will probably cost over 170.000 dollars.

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