2019 Lexus RC F Spy shots, Rumors, Price


The stylish coupe is about to get its ultra hi-performance in a form of 2019 Lexus RC F. Few years after initial launch, this attractive car managed to position itself as an important player on the market. Although, it still lacks in terms of numbers compared to key competitors. Finally, this is going to change. An additional version will be the most attractive derivate of the famous coupe. So, there will be three RC variants available in total – coupe, convertible, and the fastest 2019 RC F.

For this occasion, Toyota’s engineers will make various modifications. Of course, there are various new styling details to come. Also, some additional chassis tunings are about to come as well. However, the most important novelty will be a completely new engine. It will be more powerful than the current V8 and by far more efficient. Expect to see it by the end of the year.

2019 Lexus RC F front view

2019 Lexus RC F design

Just like it is the case with the pretty much every hi-performance derivate, 2019 Lexus RC F will also come with various modifications, compared to the base model. We have already mentioned that the company works on a convertible variant of this model. This one will come right after. Unlike coupe, this one will not feature changes in terms of body style. We are about to see the same coupe layout. Still, there are numerous modifications to come. First of all, there’s a new engine. Additionally, engineers work one some chassis improvements. Of course, weight reduction comes first to our minds. Still, we are about to see much more. This will include tunings on suspension, new brakes etc. Eventually, many new visual details are expected as well.

2019 Lexus RC F styling

Speaking of the new outside look, there are many new things to come. The test mule has been spotted on the track for a few times. Still, it wears a camouflage. Judging on the areas that are undercover, we can clearly see where these novelties will be applied. The most notable is definitely a new front bumper. Engineers prepare the new design, which will provide not only better air flow but more aggressive look as well. New parts will be installed in many other areas, but it is better for us to wait and see than to speculate. On the inside, many new details should come as well. It is still unclear how intense these changes will be, but we are sure that the base design will remain. We could see some tweaks on the dashboard, probably improved instrument cluster and few other details.

2019 Lexus RC F interior

2019 Lexus RC F engine

The new powertrain will be the most important part of this hi-performance version for sure. The current engine that powers the base model is great, but this will be amazing. It will have more power, but better efficiency as well. This new unit is in the final stage of development. It is a 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 gasoline engine that will probably deliver around 620 horsepower, which is much more compared to the current atmospheric 5.0-liter unit which delivers around 467. With such amazing numbers, along with chassis improvements, we expect nothing less than amazing performances. Although not confirmed yet, the 2019 Lexus RC F will most likely come in AWD layout.

2019 Lexus RC F rear view

2019 Lexus RC F release date and price

We expect to see new 2019 Lexus RC F on the market by the end of the year, right after the arrival of the convertible. There is no official information about the price at the moment. Though, various reliable sources suggest a sum of 185-190.000 dollars.

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