2019 Mazda Kai Concept Review


The 2019 Mazda Kai Concept has revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show ahead of its launch later in 2019. This is Mazda’s next generation of its small cars and it promises a new architecture along with the latest engine technology.

The all-new 2019 Mazda Kai will maintain its hatchback body style with a less ornate body surface. The car’s new architecture is supposed to improve its driving dynamics, comfort and refinement. A very interesting and key part of the Mazda Kai is its engine. It is said to be the future of extending the life of the Internal Combustion Engine. According to Mazda Corp., the engine combines attributes of both a diesel and petrol engine making it ideal and fuel efficient.

2019 Mazda Kai front

2019 Mazda Kai Sporty and Classy

The 2019 Mazda Kai is intended to be “sporty and classy”. This explains the less ornate body surface with smooth contours. The car has slim headlights and the windscreen is designed in such a way that it extends into the roof. This latest generation car features a prominent front grille with bulging fenders, as expected with a front wheel drive layout. At the rear, it hard to miss the tail-lights’ unique design, the dual exhaust outlets and the car’s high bumper. Overall, it’s elegant and sporty.

The interior of the Mazda Kai is a reflection of its smooth exterior. It has a clean-looking layout with a simple yet straightforward dashboard that stretches from door to door. An infotainment system widescreen stretches from the passenger side to the steering wheel and there are three dials. The seats will support a more natural spine position.

2019 Mazda Kai interior

2019 Mazda Kai Powertrain Features

The 2019 Mazda Kai will be the debuting model with the brand new powertrain – Mazda’s compression ignition SkyActiv-X engine. This model and subsequent Mazda cars will also feature this new technology engine and will run on a new platform SkyActiv Vehicle Architecture. Mazda says that this new platform will improve noise, vibration and harshness levels

2019 Mazda Kai SkyActiv-X

The SkyActiv-X engine will be new on the market. It is a diesel-like engine that burns gasoline and will produce a combination of high power output, low fuel consumption and similarly low emissions. The SkyActiv-X engine also uses spark-plug-controlled compression ignition. It is much like a combination of the traditional ignition of the fuel mixture via spark with diesel-style compression ignition.

Additionally, Mazda claims that SkyActiv-X engine will be up to 30% more efficient than the current engines.

2019 Mazda Kai rear

2019 Mazda Kai Debut and Cost

The 2019 Mazda Kai will debut later in 2019. It is not clear whether this car is already under production. Also, the price is unknown. Mazda is keeping other details as well as car specs under wraps for now.

It is clear that the 2019 Mazda Kai is much anticipated as enthusiasts cannot wait to have a feel of its new powertrain. With its lightweight body elements that are supposed to enhance aerodynamics, this soon-to-debut car promises to be a revolutionary model.

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