2019 Toyota 4Runner 6th gen or end of production?


When you try to find something about 2019 Toyota 4Runner, you can see various kinds of reports. One thing about this famous SUV is for sure, its future is completely uncertain. The original version of the SUV dates from the early 80’s.

The first generation appeared in 1981, as a successor of a short-living Trekker. The first model of with the famous nameplate came two years later. Since then, we have seen five generations of it. The current version is present since 2009.

2019 Toyota 4Runner complete review

It doesn’t sound so old, but if we consider the SUV’s usual production cycle, the sixth generation supposed to come last year. So, all these reports about the future of this model are present for a good reason. There are many reports around, but we can split all of them into two sides. One is optimistic, while others are not.

Does 2019 Toyota 4Runner is going to end its production soon

You probably heard many stories about the discontinuation of this model. These reports were present even in the 80’s, whet this SUV was really fresh. However, this legend is still on the road. The Nosferatu SUV spreads through five generation and it is in production for almost 35 years. However, things have changed nowadays. Classic SUVs aren’t so popular anymore. The most of off-road vehicles are crossovers now. Even some iconic body-on-frame SUVs switched to unibody architecture. If we consider that the Toyota’s lineup is completely filled with various kinds of crossover, this possibility should be dismissed. So, the option that is more likely is that the legendary SUV will be retired.

2019 Toyota 4Runner redesign

The other side suggests a complete redesign in near future. According to these reports, the next generation should come in about year or two. In this case, the new sixth generation of the SUV will come with plenty of changes. We will see a completely new platform, developed to provide excellent off-road characteristics. Naturally, body-on-frame construction is the real choice for this occasion. Besides rugged construction, the company will definitely implement some of latest design solutions that will provide some weight savings.  This includes the use of aluminum and some other light materials as well. In this case, the SUV’s brother from Lexus, GX, should also continue.

Besides new platform, the new model will also come with a completely new look and interior design. The 2019 Toyota 4Runner will be more attractive and should feature better driving experience. Some changes under the hood are expected as well.

2019 Toyota 4Runner front view

2019 Toyota 4Runner could get a new engine

The current generation continues with the old-school philosophy in terms of powertrain too. There are several engines in the offer, but all of them are large and thirsty. So, we could expect some changes in this aspect, if the company decides to do a complete redesign. Some smaller and more efficient unit is more than welcome, and it could be the first choice for the majority of buyers since the most of drivers aren’t in such hard need for an ultra-durable and reliable engine that works in all kinds of driving conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that some of the current units will not remain. Most likely, the famous V6 will carry over, while the large V8 probably won’t be available in the new model.

2019 Toyota 4Runner release date

At the moment, it is hard to predict some more precise details about the 2019 Toyota 4Runner. For those who don’t believe that the next generation will come, there is still an open possibility to see the current version in production for another few years.

2019 Toyota 4Runner interior dashboard

On the other side, those optimistic car lovers will want to see the new generation as soon as possible. However, if the company even decided to redesign this model, it will probably happen in about two years, which basically means that the 2019 4Runner should in both cases come without bigger changes.


There are frequent news about the abolition of this model, however, if you take a look at selling numbers you will see that it certainly will not happen.

YearU.S. Sales

Now take a look at U.S. and Canada sales figures in 2017.

MonthToyota 4Runner U.S. Sales Toyota 4Runner Canadian Sales
June10,423 662

With such a good sales figures 4Runner isn’t going anywhere! However, we definitely can expect some design changes, maybe even new engines in 2019 4Runner.

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