2019 Toyota Auris Next Generation Spied


The 2019 Toyota Auris can be considered as a cross breed between the present model and with something new for which people are waiting eagerly.

The new Toyota Auris is to get a complete facelift making the vehicle appealing and attractive from almost all aspects. Various kinds of amendments have been done in the car to make it better and more performance oriented.

2019 Toyota Auris front

2019 Toyota Auris – Body of the car will have a sportier appearance

As mentioned earlier, lots of changes have been brought into the car when compared to the previous models. Talking from external perspectives, it has been seen that there are some sharp segments that need special mention. The body of the car will have a sportier appearance. In the front fascia, the chrome highlighted grille is a prominent feature.

The cutting-edge LED light frameworks are a special attraction. There are also extensive vents in the vehicle. When compared to the previous model, this one will be slightly lighter in weight as aluminum and carbon fiber is used in the making of the car. Though the car will be lighter, it will be stronger with enhanced driver comfort and smooth quickening. The rear side of the car has been refurbished too to make it look more stylishly aggressive.

Like the exterior, the interior of 2019 Toyota Auris is also done in state of the art style. The seats in the car are covered in soft calfskin. The best thing is that the car has abundant legroom and headspace for comfortable traveling. The instrumental dashboard imparts a stylish appeal to the interiors of the vehicle.

There is also a 4.2 inches TFT screen which displays the speedometer on both sides. There is temperature control facility inside the vehicle keeping the interiors comfortable in every way possible. The 2019 Toyota Auris contains all features and facilities that can make a car comfortable as much as possible within the below-mentioned price range.

Safety and Security Features

Though no mention has been made separately of the safety and security features that are available in 2019 Toyota Auris, there is clear mention that the vehicle is duly protected for passengers and driver. In case any uneventful incident takes place, much damage will not be inflicted.

Engine Performance of the 2019 Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris will be powered by a 1.6-liter power engine, which has the capacity of producing 132 HP of energy. The engine will be coupled to the 6-speed automatic transmission. When tested, it was found that the engine could pick up speed from 0-60 mph in 10 seconds. The vehicle also has a conservative approach when compared to other car models in this category.

2019 Toyota Auris side

2019 Toyota Auris – Cost and Launch

The new Toyota Auris will be priced within a range of $17,000 – $30,000. The release of 2019 Toyota Auris has not been declared yet by the automobile company. However, as per auto market speculations, it is estimated that the vehicle will be available in the showrooms by end of 2018 or latest beginning of 2019.

The Toyota Auris is one of the eagerly awaited cars. It has the right blend of safety and amenities and gets a decent engine too.

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