2019 Toyota Avensis Redesign, Price, Release date


The famous family car has been around for a pretty long time, but latest reports suggest it will continue in the same way as 2019 Toyota Avensis. This sedan/station wagon has been around for years. It is a fantastic family car, designed especially for the European market.

The original model came more than 21 year ago, in 1997. Since then, we have seen three generations of it. The current generation is present since 2009, which sounds a little bit old. Despite two major updates, a redesign is highly expected in the near future. The last update was three years ago. We saw various novelties, especially in terms of styling where the newest version follows company’s current design language. Still, improvements in terms of driving experience are much expected, as well as in terms of interior design, which is starting to look a little bit updated.

2019 Toyota Avensis

2019 Toyota Avensis redesign

Despite much needed changes, the 2019 Toyota Avensis is likely to remain the same. It looks like the redesign is scheduled for a year or two. Until then, this family car continues in the same way, featuring all those characteristics that came with the last update from three years ago. For that occasion, we saw numerous updates, especially in terms of styling. There is a new front end, with things like new grille and headlights. Changes on the rear end are also notable. The current model pretty closely resembles the brand’s current design language, though not entirely.

On the inside, interior design hasn’t changes a lot through these years. The cabin lack in terms of attractiveness compared to the competition. Materials could be better, while the lack of newest technologies is also notable. Still, the biggest disadvantage is old chassis, which provides not so amazing dynamics according to today’s standards.

2019 Toyota Avensis interior

2019 Toyota Avensis engines

The last update has also brought changes under the hood. There is a small 1.6-liter diesel engine in the offer, which is definitely a very economical choice. Still, lack of power is easily notable. Total output goes around 110 horses.

If you are for some more potent variant that still keeps the economy in mind, a 2.0-liter unit with 125 horsepower seems like a better choice.

Finally, there is an old but proven 2.2-liter diesel engine, which comes in two output variants, with either 150 or 175 horsepower.

2019 Toyota Avensis side view

For those who prefer petrol engines, there are three familiar units in the offer, with displacements between 1.6 and 2.0 liters. The output goes from 130 to 150 horsepower, which seems like a decent amount of power.

2019 Toyota Avensis release date and price

The 2019 Toyota Avensis is expected to come late in the year. We don’t expect bigger changes in price, so base models should go around 23.000 dollars. Competition is pretty tough and includes models like Peugeot 508, VW Passat, Skoda Superb, Mazda 6 etc.

2019 Toyota Avensis – Beyond

The redesign of this sedan would probably seem natural to you. Many expect to see a completely new version already in the next year. Still, there is a big chance to see this model discontinued after more than two decades of production. There are several reports around about the company’s consideration of a completely new model. Still, it is unknown how the potential model would like.

2019 Toyota Avensis rear view

Some would suggest a Camry-based sedan but this car seems too big for the European market. A more reasonable choice would be some kind of a stretched version of the new Corolla. The iconic compact car is about to come completely new pretty soon and its stretched-wheelbase variant would be a good solution for the successor of Avensis.

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