2019 Toyota Camry TRD and Avalon TRD to debut at LA Auto Show


While we were guessing which is the next SUV to get a TRD treatment, we received a surprising response. The LA car show will present the new models with this badge. These are 2019 Toyota Camry and 2019 Toyota Avalon. Both sedans will get similar parts, and with it, equal upgrades. We didn’t get too many details. Teaser images are showing only the front ends of sedans, and we have limited info about these two cars.

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is making various accessories to improve the performance of the company’s vehicles. These are special suspensions, brakes, as well as parts that make models more appealing. At the moment, we can see two different packages of equipment – TRD and TRD Pro. The first one is available as the trim level for trucks – Tacoma and Tundra, and Sequoia SUV. Both trucks also offer Pro version, with more upgrades. Sequoia doesn’t come with such upgrades. Instead, Japanese carmaker tuned 4Runner SUV. More SUVs, trucks, and cars are available worldwide with TRD options. Toyota Camry TRD already appeared in UAE.

2019 Toyota Camry TRD review

2019 Toyota Camry TRD and Avalon TRD Upgrades

From one picture we can’t have a complete image of the upcoming vehicles. But, it is enough to show us the direction of design for 2019 Toyota Camry TRD and 2019 Toyota Avalon TRD. The front splitter and TRD black wheels are what we can see on Camry. Red brake calipers are there as well. Behind this one, we can’t see too much of the 2019 Avalon TRD. Similar splitter is under the bumper. But, wheels are hidden behind its sibling. However, we believe similar upgrades will get a bigger car.

2019 Toyota Avalon TRD

Further Upgrades

From what we can’t see, there is a high possibility that 2019 Toyota Camry TRD and Avalon TRD will get a rear spoiler. Well, this is almost certain. Also, Toyota Racing Development usually upgrades the suspension. These are not premium features as for the Pro sets. But, both cars will get a sportier ride than their base models. For example, Sequoia SUV offers Bilstein shocks and anti-sway bars at the rear.


We are not sure that cars are getting the special treatment of their interior. We are not sure yet if there will be leathers seats and upholstery. It is likely that this will be an extra option for both Camry and Avalon. The latest generation of the Entune infotainment with larger screen and audio system comes with the TRD package for SUV. So, cars could get similar optional accessories as well.

2019 Toyota Camry TRD interior

2019 Toyota Camry TRD Specs

The TRD package is not changing the drivetrain configurations. So, a smaller car will continue to use a four-cylinder engine as the base powertrain. However, we believe the 2019 Toyota Camry TRD will come exclusively with the more potent V6 unit. It is a 3.5-liter motor with the capability to produce 300 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. A new eight-speed automatic transmission is distributing power to front wheels. We will wait for the LA car show to see if the company is going to add an AWD for the new package.

The regular car also offers a hybrid drivetrain. This one is definitely not going to offer a TRD trim level.

2019 Toyota Avalon TRD Engine

The 2019 Toyota Avalon TRD will use the same engine as its mid-size sibling. But, a V-6 unit is creating only 270 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque for the standard car. Engineers in Toyota could tune it to burst the same amount of energy as for Camry. Whatsoever, the engine is paired with an aging six-pace automatic transmission. This is a chance for other replacement. A new 8-speed gearbox would help full-size Avalon achieve better mileage and energy outputs.

As for the Camry, the Avalon is offering a hybrid, which is not coming with the TRD package.

2019 Toyota Avalon TRD engine

2019 Toyota Camry TRD and Avalon TRD Price

It is official – both 2019 Toyota Camry TRD and 2019 Toyota Avalon TRD are coming for the car show in Los Angeles. It starts on the 30th of November. These will be stars since not many other vehicles are signed up for this spectacle. Well, we have ten days to see these cars showing off in LA.

The price depends on the number of upgrades on 2019 Toyota Avalon TRD and Camry TRD. For example, this set of features adds around $6,000 on the Sequoia. For Tacoma truck in 2019, it costs $7,000 over the starting price. Prices for Tundra are not available yet.

On the other hand, TRD Pro costs a lot more. Tacoma TRD Pro is valued $10,000 more than TRD Sport and 17,000 more than base SR. For full-size Tundra TRD Pro, you must add $18,000. For 4Runner SUV this package is $12k above the base price.

Other vehicles that could get the TRD treatment are Land Cruiser and Highlander. Outside the US, we will find FJ Cruiser and Fortuner, for example, as well as cars – Yaris and Celica.

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