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Toyota has been without a genuine sports car for more than a decade and it is considered a brand that doesn’t have too many exciting things to offer these days. Of course, the company wants to change this picture. The only way, of course, it to start with sports cars once again. The first step has been already made. A completely new Supra is coming back, after more than 15 years. Besides this amazing couple, the company plans to bring back a few more familiar names. One of them is the Celica.

For all these years, Toyota has been keeping rights for this name, despite that the model is out of production for a long time. This was one of the main reasons for speculations about the new generation for all these years. Latest reports suggest that the famous sports car will come back already this year, as the 2019 Toyota Celica. Although it sounds way too ambitious, we will use this name in the article. In reality, the new model probably won’t come so soon.

2019 Toyota Celica front view

2019 Toyota Celica Redesign

The Celica is one of the famous nameplates of the Japanese carmaker. It has been in use for almost five decades. For all that time, we have seen lots of versions. The last generation was in production between 1999 and 2006 and it was characterized by a very attractive look and amazing driving characteristics. We are waiting for a successor for 13 years and it looks like it will finally arrive. At this point, we can only speculate about its design characteristics.

Toyota officials confirmed that new Celica and MR2 are in plans, but they didn’t provide any specific details about new models, unfortunately. This leaves a lot of space for speculations. Most likely, the new model will come with an FWD layout and optional AWD, as a counterpart of RWD models Supra and GT 86. This means that the new model will probably ride on a new TNGA platform, which in practice means lots of parts shared with mass volume models, which eventually means lower production costs. Some sources suggest that Toyota and BMW will join their forces once again. It all depends on how the new Supra will be accepted. To remind you, the famous coupe is debuting next week at the Detroit Auto Show.

2019 Toyota Celica side view

2019 Toyota Celica Styling

In terms of size, the new Celica will probably be positioned between GT 86 and Supra. However, latest reports suggest that its styling will be a little bit distinctive. The new Supra is coming with a super sporty, coupe layout. The new generation of the GT 86, which is also expected to come soon, will follow this design philosophy as well. On the other side, the 2019 Toyota Celica will probably be a little bit more conventional, a little bit closer to mass production models of this brand. Does this mean it will fit the brand’s new design language? It is hard to say at the moment. Most likely, we are about to see some of the influence, but distinctive details as well.

2019 Toyota Celica Interior

Although it is way too early to speculate about the interior design, many experts believe that the new 2019 Toyota Celica will feature more practical design approach compared to the GT 86. Those who are familiar with the small RWD coupe know very well that it doesn’t feature too much space at rear seats, while the cargo area is almost useless. Allegedly, the 2019 Toyota Celica will be more practical and more passenger-friendly. Still, keep this with a huge dose of a reserve.

In terms of the interior styling, we count on a sporty dashboard, oriented to a driver. Lots of latest tech features and hi-quality materials are something you can count on as well.

2019 Toyota Celica interior

2019 Toyota Celica Engine

Another big mystery is the engine. At this point, we can only speculate. The easiest and cheapest way for Toyota would be a new 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. For this occasion, it would feature a nice power boost, with a max power probably around 250 horsepower.

Many reports also suggest a possibility to see Subaru’s new 2.4-liter turbo inline-four, the same one that will find its place under the hood of the next-generation GT 86. This engine features great efficiency and a max output that goes around 260 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque.

Finally, if Toyota decides to cooperate with BMW once again, there is also a chance to see some of the Bavarian engines under the hood of 2019 Toyota Celica. As you can see, a lot of options on the table.

2019 Toyota Celica

2019 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

At this point, it seems worthless to speculate about the possible release date. Although we named this model as the 2019 Toyota Celica, it definitely won’t come so soon. In our opinion, it definitely won’t come in the next couple of years. The price will depend on many factors, but we don’t expect that base models will go over 30.000 dollars.

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