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HiAce is already 50 years old vehicle. However, during this period it has transformed through various segments. It was a minivan, minibus, van, taxi, ambulance. In its homeland, buyers can purchase it exclusively in Toyotaped stores. The 2019 Toyota HiAce will be again offered as a passenger van and a commercial vehicle. With such offer, there is no worry for HiAce’s future.
The main advantage of the 2019 Toyota HiAce will be again its powertrain. Well, the Japanese company already got us used to their reliability and durability. A diesel 1KD FTV engine is reliable, and it is there for the next van. Well, previous models show a lot of durabilities, so drivers can’t complain about major things. On the other hand, this is one of the least quality models when we compare the entire Toyota’s range. Its quality/price ratio is not on the highest level. Also, the 2019 Toyota HiAce will be durable, but when it comes to maintenance, you will find it is not so cheap.

2019 Toyota HiAce

2019 Toyota HiAce Engine Specs

Under the hood of the 2019 Toyota HiAce is a 1KD FTV diesel engine. This unit was launched in 2000 and ever since it is one of the most favorite powertrains outside the USA. Well, it is not so environmentally friendly, so its appearance at the major market is not so likely to happen any time soon. Some say the new Tacoma truck could get it as an engine in 2020. We doubt in these rumors.

Depending on configuration, a 3.0-liter diesel unit can produce various outputs. For the 2019 Toyota HiAce, the engine delivers 140 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. Well, this 3.0-liter is not too fuel friendly, as we could expect. However, further tuning will make it more efficient. Buyers will choose either manual or automatic transmission.

Petrol Engine

Some countries and markets have few options for the engine room. One of these in Australia. There, you can purchase your 2019 HiAce with a 2.7-liter VVT engine that is capable to deliver 160 hp and 240 Nm (175 lb-ft) of torque. While diesel automatic transmission gets four gears, for the petrol unit it is a six-pace box. The base solution is a five-speed manual.

2019 Toyota HiAce side view

2019 Toyota HiAce Van and Bus

There are two purposes of the 2019 Toyota HiAce. One is for transporting people, and the other is as a commercial vehicle. So, we have two types of the van – with more or less space for cargo. The first configuration is going to offer a total volume of 6,000 liters (212 cubic-feet). The other one can take a lot more – 10,000 liters, or 353 cubic-feet. The payload for the second option is also higher – 1,300 kg compared to 1,080 kg (2866 pounds vs 2380 lbs).
Commuter Bus version of the 2019 HiAce will be able to accommodate up to 14 passengers. There is also a version with 12 seats. Air conditioning is standard, and the spacious interior allows enough legroom even for taller people. Crew Van is the mix of bus and a van. It offers a foldable second row. In this case, if you need more room for cargo, simply fold down seats and create more space. Sliding doors are available for a cargo van and automatic sliding system is there for passenger bus.

2019 Toyota HiAce rear view

2019 Toyota HiAce Features

The 2019 Toyota HiAce is not so generous with features. Drivers always want more, but most buyers will be able to configure the perfect solution for their needs. Besides the purpose, we can choose many other options. First of all is color. There are five paints in the offer. Safety features include ABS, airbags, and reverse sensors. A 3.3-inch display sits at the center of the dashboard. Vehicle stability control and hill-start assist are standard. The commuter bus gets air conditioning for rear seats, and these are optional for a commercial van. This is the most loaded version with navigation and power sliding door.

2019 Toyota HiAce interior

2019 Toyota HiAce Price

The new 2019 Toyota HiAce will be the most popular in Australia. So we will give figures on their currency. The entry-level, van model, will cost just under AUD 40,000. For example, when we convert it to US dollars, we get $28,500. Ford Transit offers almost 250 cubic-feet and costs $3,500 more. Long Transit with medium roof comes with the same volume as 9,500-liter version of HiAce and costs nearly the same. Whatsoever, the American van is packed with a lot more features and options than the Australian MPV.

The combined van will cost you about 45,000 AUD, while the passenger version starts at 65,000 AUD. That is 15,000 AUD more than the commercial van. Also, it is 6,000 USD more than the Transit passenger van. Both vehicles are offering 12 seats. When you add two more seats and sliding door, the 2019 HiAce will definitely be the more expensive option.
The van is not going to have too many rivals, since Toyota is launching it where its dominance is obvious.

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