2019 Toyota Prius V Becomes Compact Crossover SUV


Unlike the previous version of this iconic hybrid nameplate, the next-generation will be actually a pretty stylish. During all these years of the car’s existence, Toyota always worked on new versions. In order to expand the offer, we saw various body styles, different hybrid powertrains etc. The new 2019 Toyota Prius V comes with completely new design and it becomes crossover SUV.

One of those models is this one, which came in 2011. It comes with a “V” badge, which is for versatile. This Prius SUV is designed to be good in all fields. Besides advanced powertrain, it should also provide a high level of everyday practicality. So, it is no wonder that the original version came in some kind of minivan body style. However, we will see something much different this time.

The new 2019 Prius V will come with a new, much better appearance, which will make the car more attractive to a wider range of buyers. We expect its arrival next year.

2019 Toyota Prius V side view

2019 Toyota Prius V redesign

The original version of versatile Prius came in 2011 and it will be replaced after eight years of production. The new version will come with plenty of improvement. We already said that the new model will new, much more attractive appearance, but let’s talk about mechanical novelties first.

The new 2019 Toyota Prius V will get a new platform. It will ride on the company’s new TNGA architecture, which will bring many benefits. We are about to see more space inside and much better overall driving characteristics. The new platform will also leave enough space for some future modification. Besides environment-friendly characteristics, 2019 Toyota Prius V will be also more sophisticated in many aspects, such as noise reduction etc. Also, the new generation will get a new, independent rear suspension, instead of torsion beam rear axle.

2019 Toyota Prius V interior

2019 Toyota Prius V styling

Probably the most amazing thing about new generation is styling. The 2019 Toyota Prius V will be far more attractive. The Prius family was always amazing in many aspects, but the styling was never a strong side. Simply, all versions were strongly emphasizing their electric character and there is no word about looking like an ordinary car. This time, things are completely different. The new version comes with a pretty attractive styling.

So far Toyota Prius V was a 5-door station wagon, but the new generation will be built on the new platform and now it will be compact crossover SUV.

2019 Toyota Prius V spy

Although test model still wears a camouflage, you can clearly notice a completely new body style. You can also notice a much higher ground clearance, which basically makes new 2019 Toyota Prius V more a crossover. It definitely isn’t a minivan. Moreover, its aerodynamic lines are in a true sporty manner. It will be proper to say that the new generation is some kind of a hatchback with a higher ground clearance.

2019 Toyota Prius V powertrain

Naturally, the new 2019 Toyota Prius V will come with a new powertrain. It will continue as a plug-in hybrid, just like the original. It will probably share the powertrain with the current Prius liftback, although there is a space for some modifications on this system.

In the current version, this powertrain features a 1.8-liter gasoline engine in a combination with electric motor/generators. The total output goes around 121 horsepower, but several reports suggest that the company will do some modifications that will provide more power.

2019 Toyota Prius V engine

Also, there are rumors about a similar system that company uses in new Camry, which consist of a 2.5-liter gasoline engine in combination with an electric motor. However, this doesn’t sound much likely. For this Prius SUV, the key priority is fuel economy, so a familiar system from Prius liftback sounds perfect.

2019 Toyota Prius V release date and price

We are pretty sure that the new 2019 Toyota Prius V will have its premiere somewhere in the middle of next year, which sales should start later in the year. We don’t expect bigger changes compared to the current model, which goes around 27.000 dollars.

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