2019 Toyota Supra Won’t Be Presented At The Detroit Auto Show


According to latest reports, the highly-anticipated 2019 Toyota Supra isn’t ready yet for the premiere. Many of us expected to see this model already at the LA Show. However, it didn’t happen. Logically, we all expected to see it on the next big car show, in Detroit. The 2018 International Auto Show is next year in January. We all hoped that the successor of the iconic sports car will finally come. However, it looks like we will have to wait for some more time.

The testing model that rides on the road for some time and which is supposed to be new Supra isn’t ready yet. Latest reports also suggest that the legendary nameplate is not going to come at all. Some sources look pretty sure in their claim of the complete name. However, the company will still have many interesting things to show in Detroit.

2019 Toyota Supra Won’t Be Presented At The Detroit Auto Show

When will 2019 Toyota Supra be ready?

Although most of us expected to finally see the new version of this iconic sports car in Detroit, it won’t happen. In its interview for the “MotorTrend”, Jack Hollis, Toyota Group vice president and general manager of the North American department gave an interesting statement. He said that the new Supra isn’t completely ready. First of all, there are still some specs to be finalized. The testing model has been riding on the road a pretty long time, but it looks like there are some problems. Naturally, this refers to some technologies and design solutions.

However, there is another interesting issue about the new model. It looks like it is still uncertain will the new mode is even going to come with the legendary nameplate. Even Mr. Hollis said that company hasn’t finalized the name yet. He also suggests that some new names could suit much better.

Check the first photos of the 2020 Toyota Supra Concept.

2019 Toyota Supra Won’t Be Presented At The Detroit Auto Show

What do we know about new 2019 Toyota Supra so far?

This iconic sports car is definitely one of the most anticipated new models for the next year. It is no wonder since we are waiting for it more than 15 years. So far, we know that the successor of the legendary A80 is co-developed with BMW. The new 2019 Toyota Supra will share the platform with the new generation of the Z4. Although they will ride on the same architecture, we are about to see many unique characteristics on the new Supra. This will include not only body style and design, but also various mechanical differences.

At the end, there is a new bi-turbo V6 engine ready for this iconic car. According to latest reports, new 2019 Supra will feature a max power of 400 horses. Also, various reports suggest a hybrid version as well. Although not ready for Detroit, the new model will definitely show up next year.

2019 Toyota Supra Won’t Be Presented At The Detroit Auto Show

So, what to expect from Toyota at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show?

The new 2019 Toyota Supra will not come to Detroit and we are disappointed. However, the company is preparing some nice novelties. The focus is definitely on SUVs. The most interesting thing will definitely be the show of the futuristic concept Lexus Limitless. This is some kind of the company’s take on the future flagship model of the Toyota’s luxury brand. In New York and Los Angeles, we saw two concept SUVs, FT-4X and FT-AC.

However, we will not see another FT concept in Detroit but we could find out will these models will enter serial production or not. On the other side, we are about to see the updated version of the company’s best-selling crossover Rav4, as well as the update of Tundra pickup.

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