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One of the biggest curiosities of the modern automotive industry is that despite that crossovers are taking over the market, pickup trucks are more popular than ever. Among them, there is a big number of models that offer hi-end trim levels, with tons of standard equipment and hi-grade interiors. Still, there is no premium truck in North America. There were some tries from Cadillac and Lincoln in the past, but that didn’t go so well. So, the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck is definitely one of the most interesting models that are about to come in the near future. According to the latest reports, this model is under development and should come pretty soon. It will be a mid-size truck, based on Toyota Tacoma and should be very luxurious, but highly capable as well, as some reports suggest even a performance V8-powered version.

2020 lexus pickup truck

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Design

In terms of base design characteristics, the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck will be one of the kind, at the time of initial launch, at least, Soon after, we have no doubt, rest of premium carmakers will come with similar vehicles. Practically, Lexus is going to pioneer the segment once again, hopefully. When it come to the overall design, the first thing that comes to mind is the platform. Many experts predicted a unibody platform, which would definitely a better solution in terms of comfort, but the latest reports claim that the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck will definitely come with traditional body-on-frame construction.

The new truck will come with proven design characteristics, based on the current-generation Tacoma. Therefore, you can be sure that the Lexus’ first pickup truck will definitely be a highly capable machine, with superior off-road performances and amazing durability and reliability. Also, count on pretty good working capabilities, though we are pretty sure this won’t be the company’s priority.

2020 lexus pickup truck front view

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Exterior Design

When it comes to exterior design, keep in mind that this will be a premium truck. Therefore, don’t count on some work-truck versions with single cab design and similar characteristics. The 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck will definitely come in some kind of a crew cab layout, with plenty of space on the inside. In terms of the overall shape, it should be of a similar size as Tacoma. Still, it will come with a completely new sheet metal and a styling that will be based on the company’s latest design language. Therefore, count on the famous spindle grille layout and other lines that characterize latest Lexus models. In practice, the model should be somewhere between GX and RX models, in terms of the style, at least when it comes to the front end. The rest of the body will come in a typical truck manner.

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Interior

The interior design will be a story for itself, We count on a very luxurious cabin, which will be characterized by plenty of style and hi-end quality. As we already mentioned, the new model is about to come with a spacious, crew cab layout. Therefore, count on two spacious rows of seats, with plenty of comfort in all aspects. When it comes to the dashboard design, it should take inspiration from latest Lexus models. Besides plenty of style, the cabin will definitely be characterized by hi-end materials. Typically for Lexus, the overall cabin quality should be amazing. Another typical thing about this carmaker is a long list of standard equipment, which will include the latest tech goodies, as well as a very long list of standard safety systems. In addition, the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck should come with all those off-road driver aids.

2020 lexus pickup truck interior

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Engine

Under the hood, the base 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck should come with a well-known 3.5-liter V6 engine. It is good for about 278 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. This is the engine that powers Toyota Tacoma and it won’t be a surprise if we see a slight power boost for this occasion. Of course, we expect that higher trims will come with something more powerful. Some reports even suggest a V8 version, which would come with a powerful 5.0-liter unit that delivers around 470 horsepower. Finally, we could see a hybrid version in the offer too. Most likely, it will be a system similar to one that powers the RX 450h. It combines V6 engine with three electric motors, for a total output of 308 horsepower.

2020 lexus pickup truck engine

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

Despite that many reports suggest 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck’s soon arrival, the fact is that we are still waiting to hear something from the officials. At this point, all these details about the new truck are nothing more than rumors. So, take the complete article with a dose of a reserve. If it ever arrives, the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck definitely won’t be cheap.

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