2020 Mazda New Generation Technologies


The famous Japanese manufacturer is working on a whole bunch of new technologies that should come by the end of this decade. This carmaker already offers a whole palette of amazing models, which features a quality that is elusive for the most of manufacturers nowadays. In order to mark better sales results, the company will raise the pool to the completely new level.

There are many new things to come in next few years. We already heard some stories about the new engine, but there is much more. The company works on a completely new architecture that will provide even better driving experience. There are also many other technology achievements to find their way to production models in next few years. The company works on new hybrid version, new infotainment system and completely new Co-Pilot autonomous technology. Most of these novelties should come already with the new Mazda 3.

2020 Mazda New Generation Technologies

2020 Mazda New Generation engine

The thing about the new-generation engine already became familiar to most of us. The company will introduce a completely new, revolutionary SkyActive X gasoline engine. This will be the first HCCI engine in some production car. The whole thing about the new engine is a much better efficiency. The new technology relies on some complex design solutions. For example, in low revs, this engine acts like any other gasoline engine.

On the other side, when you reach some higher RPM numbers, it switches off the spark plugs and relies on the high pressure in the combustion chamber. Basically, it acts like a diesel engine in some way. The results are promising. Already on first tests, it managed to provide around 15-percent better fuel economy. So, we can expect even better results in the future. The company claims a 20-30% improvement compared to the current generation of SkyActive engine.

2020 Mazda New Generation Technologies engine

2020 Mazda New Generation architecture

Besides new engines, Mazda also develops a completely new architecture for its future models. According to our reliable sources, this won’t be just an ordinary suspension and dumper tweaks, but much more. The company works on some completely new design solutions that will raise the level of driving quality. For example, the whole body will get stiffer due to the use of integrated ring structures that improve chassis rigidity. With a more solid body, the new suspension will act more predictably and more responsively. Also, the company works on completely new seats which will provide much better driving quality. With a more natural position and better ergonomics of steering wheel and pedals, we expect to see even better results when it comes to comfort and fatigue reduction.

2020 Mazda New Generation technologies and beyond

Besides new architecture and engines, we are about to see various other amazing technology achievements. For example, there is a completely new hybrid powertrain to come in next few years.  Soon after, we expect to see a plug-in version. Eventually, we will see an all-electric powertrain. Also, the famous manufacturer will introduce a completely new generation of diesel engines in early 2020’s. New achievements are expected in terms of comfort and convenience as well. For example, the next-generation infotainment system should come in about two years.

Finally, there is a completely new Co-Pilot autonomous technology. According to the company’s spokesman, this won’t be some kind of a robotic self-driving system, but more like a true “human-centered” driver’s aid that will help you experience all the joy of driving these amazing cars. Besides all these upcoming technologies, we believe that Mazda still keeps few cards in its vest.

2020 Mazda New Generation Technologies rear view

2020 Mazda New Generation Technologies implementation

All these amazing technological achievements will find their way to production models pretty soon. Many of these amazing technology achievements will debut in the new generation of the amazing Mazda 3, which will probably come somewhere in about year or two, most likely as 2019 Mazda 3.

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