2021 Toyota MR2 third gen – Release Date, Specs and Rumors


With Toyota surprises are guaranteed. The company is starting a strong campaign in all segments. Lately, we could see big changes announced for its big guns – SUVs and trucks. Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is finally official, while Tundra and Tacoma are getting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functions. Besides that, all new models will get the next-gen Entune infotainment system. And while we were taking breath, the Japanese company gave us hints on another comeback – 2021 Toyota MR2.

The thing is that the next-gen coupe roadster would be an all-electric car. That is the missing part of Toyota’s update puzzle. We heard a lot of stuff about everything, but hybrid and electric vehicles were not part of it. But now, the situation is clear. The Japanese carmaker will attack the market with 2021 Toyota MR2. This car is going to compete with Tesla’s new vehicle. Recently, Elon Musk announced that roadster and truck are priorities for the US company. Now, with MR2 EV, Tesla will have to speed up the development.

2021 Toyota MR2

Rumors About The Comeback

Everything started in 2017. Back then, shy rumors about the comeback of the MR2 appeared. Fans and experts didn’t take it too seriously. But, you can find couple of lines in Wikipedia telling about this. Whatsoever, these stories were not precise. Toyota wanted to add performance-oriented vehicles, but names were not considered yet.

Now, almost two years later, rumors about the 2021 Toyota MR2 are starting to swirl again. But now, the plans are totally different. The big-three of Toyota’s sports car fell to one name – Supra. MR2 and Celica were axed, and now both of these could come back. But, the form will be different, since these models would have an electric drivetrain under the hood.

The Japanese company would form “Three Brothers” again. The return of Celica will position the vehicle into the entry-level sport car class. More power and features will come with Supra. Its turbo engines and suspension upgrades make it a high-end option. So, the 2021 Toyota MR2 will have to bring something new, and the electric engine is not a surprise. Toyota will try to compete not only with Tesla, but also a growing competition by Ford and its electrification plan.

2021 Toyota MR2 third gen interior

Toyota and Subaru Partnership

A debut of the new Supra drew a lot of attention. But, it also warmed up stories about its closest siblings. Some hints were given, and here it is, we can already hear many things about the 2021 Toyota MR2. Some of them are mentioning a partnership between two Japanese automotive giants – Toyota and Subaru. Well, this is not the first time we can read such reports. Now, we can take them more seriously.

These companies are developing the new Land Cruiser 300 Series, the luxury SUV that will pick up the best parts from both companies. In this project, Subaru is delivering the famous Boxer for an engine room, while the design and everything else is on Toyota. We can expect similar assignments for the 2021 Toyota MR2. Well, engineers and developers from both companies will have to join forces to create a respectable powertrain. It is still early to know power and range outputs. We can’t expect even some predictions. But, be sure that MR2 will offer a class-leading systems and technologies.

2021 Toyota MR2 third gen engine

2021 Toyota MR2 Release Date

The new 2021 Toyota MR2 will not come any time soon. Well, the company is yet to enter the electric market. We have some powerful hybrids and PHEV models, but the EV is missing. That will be the MR2, and it will lead the way for all other vehicles rolling out of Toyota’s factories.

However, the development of these vehicles is slow and costly process. The new sport coupe will arrive in 2021. With two years to go, we can’t predict which form it will take. The Japanese carmaker could just add it as a concept model. On the other hand, the first units could come to market in some regions.

2021 Toyota MR2 rear view


The future of automotive world is definitely in electric vehicles. All companies will produce more hybrids, PHEVs, and EVs. The US, Japanese, and Chinese markets are larger and larger. There are more buyers of these cars every day. So, definitely, the company will make no mistake with the return of the MR2 as an all-electric unit. On the other hand, there is still a possibility for the roadster to join its two brothers, Celica and Supra, with conventional engine. Toyota is a leader in the automotive world, and they have a strong advertising machinery.

Rumors about the EV model spread in a no time. Now, when the attention is on the 2021 Toyota MR2, the Japanese carmaker have a good base for further activities. This might be a test to see if there is need for the old car to come back and what is the public opinion about making it electric.

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