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The new generation of the famous truck is about to come sometime next year, as the 2021 Toyota Tundra. Those are the latest reports about this amazing machine, which waits for a pretty long time. The current generation has been around since 2007. So, it’s not strange that all experts agree it is a pretty outdated truck. While it is still among leaders in some aspects, the current Tundra has numerous weak points, starting from poor fuel economy, below-average towing capacity, outdated interior etc. Therefore, we are eagerly waiting for the new model, which should bring tons of novelties.

Count on improvements in all aspects. Count also on completely new styling, as well as on a resurrection of the most basic single cab model. Of course, the powertrain will be significantly updated as well. All in all seems like a pretty long list of novelties, which is definitely something worth waiting.

2021 Toyota Tundra spy pics

Toyota Tundra Redesign

This redesign is about to bring tons of novelties, we have no doubt. The current model has been around for almost 12 years and it is about time to see some more important novelties. The first thing that comes to mind is the platform. The current model is quite heavy, especially if we consider that it comes with V8 engines in the offer only. Therefore, the new body will definitely utilize some lightweight materials, in order to save a few hundreds of pounds. This will be beneficial in many aspects, starting from a better fuel economy and improved driving dynamics. Still, this weight reduction shouldn’t affect rigidity, as the new model definitely needs improvements in terms of max towing capacity.

One of the most interesting novelties of this redesign should be the new suspension. The testing model has been spotted. Besides typically covered areas like sheet metal, this camouflage also covers underbody areas, including rear suspensions. This indicates that we are about to see something very interesting in the 2021 Toyota Tundra. It definitely won’t be an independent rear suspension, but rather some type of air suspension.

2021 Toyota Tundra specs

Spy shots

Of course, the new styling will be a new styling as well. We count on a new design language that will make this truck look more attractive. Most likely, we will see some inspiration from the smaller Tacoma, but also a bunch of new, exclusive details. The new model has been spotted on testing and it wears a bit of camouflage. Those uncovered areas are actually a sheet metal borrowed from the current model, which clearly indicated that the new model is still in the early stage of development, at least in terms of aesthetics. In terms of size, we don’t expect to see a significant departure from the current model.

When it comes to body styles, we count on a comeback of a single cab version. So, the new 2021 Toyota Tundra should be available in a Regular Cab, Double Cab, and CrewMax layouts. Also, count on several bed sizes in the offer.

2021 Toyota Tundra rumors

2021 Tundra Interior

This is where we expect to see a lot of work from Toyota designers. The current model may be spacious but definitely lags behind competitors in so many aspects. The dashboard design definitely looks outdated, while the whole cabin is made mainly from hard plastics. Considering that rivals look far more upscale, this should be one of the priorities for the company. We count on a much better materials choice and far more style.

Also, we expect to see lots of new technologies in the new 2021 Toyota Tundra. This primarily goes for the infotainment system, which is pretty basic in the current model. The new one should feature all the latest gadgetry and other tech goodies that are typical for today’s industry standards. Traditionally, Toyota will continue with full loads of advanced safety features, as the current model already offers pretty much everything you can imagine.

2021 Toyota Tundra interior

Hybrid version also possible

The current model comes with two large and thirsty V8 units, so it’s no wonder that Tundra features the weakest fuel economy in the class. Therefore, the Japanese carmaker is considering a V6 engine for the new 2021 Toyota Tundra. According to the latest reports, it should be a twin-turbo V6, pretty much the same that powers the company’s famous LS sedan. It is a 3.5-liter unit with 416 horsepower, so the new Tundra should come with similar numbers and, more importantly, significantly better fuel economy. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing V8 units anymore. A larger 5.7-liter unit will definitely carry on, but will also undergo significant modifications, in order to get more power and better mpg ratings.

2021 Toyota Tundra engine

Finally, some reports suggest a hybrid version, probably the same as in the, once again, Lexus LS sedan. It is a V6-based system that delivers around 355 horsepower.

2021 Toyota Tundra Release Date and Price

It seems pretty certain that the next-generation model will hit showrooms sometime in the next year. However, we are still waiting to hear something from the officials, in order to get some more precise launch date. When it comes to the price, base models should go around 30.000 dollars.

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