Carlex Design gives Toyota Hilux a more aggressive design


The Toyota Hilux is one of the most popular vehicles from this carmaker. Fans and enthusiasts love it because of its magnificent performance. Also, its styling is magnificent, especially since there is always room for improvements.

Not only extra packages are boosting the specs sheet, but also visual appearance. Furthermore, many tuning companies are finding Hilux as an excellent model for creating a unique vehicle. One of them is Polish Carlex Design. They turned the truck into something special and eye-catching. Paintjob with extra features will lure attention not only from pickup’s fans but all truckers. With all additions, Carlex Design gives Toyota Hilux a more aggressive design.

Carlex Design Toyota Hilux


We are used to good old Toyota Hilux for ages now. Even during big redesigns, it kept something that belongs only to this model. Nevertheless, now is different. The Carlex Design is making it hard to recognize. Front fascia suffers a lot of modifications. There, we can find custom grille. Air intakes are new, as well as fog lights. The bumper is one of the first things we can expect to be different. New parts are making Hilux more aggressive and attractive, especially on the side of the truck. There, designers installed new wheels and arches. The new addition is LED bar on the windshield.

Carlex Design Toyota Hilux rear view


The Carlex Design has its own styling language we can recognize when we look at the cabin of the Hilux. The truck is totally different from the base model, thanks to black leather seats. Nothing unusual until we check out red stitches on it. The finest materials cover dashboard and steering wheel. Not only that Hilux pickup is coming with the new interior look, but also infotainment system. The touchscreen display is the highlight, although there are other attractive elements of it. For example, we are getting sound-proof doors that make the cabin quieter. Also, comparing to the standard model, there are rubber mats on the floor.

Carlex Design Toyota Hilux interior


If we have to grade the work that Carlex Design did to Hilux, we would give top marks. It is hard to turn such popular model into the street attraction. Nevertheless, the Carlex proves themselves once again to the wide auditorium.

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