Fully Autonomous Vehicles Are Not In Mazda Plans


For all those true car enthusiasts, this is definitely one of those encouraging news. In the post-modern world, which is pretty much all about technology, autonomous self-driving vehicles are something that could be considered a matter of course. Autopilots and similar things are not so distant future anymore and most of the car makers are working hard on their self-driving systems. Of course, there are several levels of autonomous driving, but most of the companies aim for the highest one, which means a completely autonomous driving without any human involvement. Fortunately or not, Mazda isn’t among them.

Fully Autonomous Vehicles Are Not In Mazda Plans

Future of Autonomous Vehicles?

Future of Autonomous Vehicles is certain, but it is still questionable is every driver going to accept the fact that he will not be involved anymore. For all those who enjoy driving more than everything, Mazda has some exciting news. This carmaker has been always a little bit different than the most of other manufacturers. In order to continue with its unique market position, Mazda will offer something interesting in this case. According to the company, models from this manufacturer will never offer a so-called level 5 of autonomous driving.

Fully Autonomous Vehicles Are Not In Mazda Plans

This basically means that future models will keep steering wheels. we could interpret this in different ways. However, these new models will probably come with a so-called level 4 of autonomous driving. This means a system that will be completely able to drive autonomously. However, drivers will still be able to take control and enjoy driving at any moment.

Mazda SEO: Driving dynamics between the car and driver is our intent

We heard several statements from the company’s SEO Masahiro Moro at the ongoing LA Car Show. Here are some of his quotes, so you can make your own judgment about all this. The first thing that we heard from Mr. Moro is that: “No steering wheel is not an option for us. I always believe a human is the best computer to drive a car. Autonomous driving technology should just help so that a driver can continue to enjoy the car. If anything happens accidentally, the technology can then override to take safe control and bring the driver back to the road”. This sounds pretty encouraging. He also said that “Driving dynamics between the car and driver is our intent. Mazda is not a producer of commodity products, we want to produce something meaningful for the drive to appreciate every single day and everyday life.”

Fully Autonomous Vehicles Are Not In Mazda Plans

All this sounds pretty nice. However, time will show will this effort to create a unique market position be a smart move.

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