Lexus Enform Infotainment System


The Lexus Enform Infotainment system is not a novelty when it comes to modern cars. These systems have been around for almost a decade, helping the drivers and making their journeys easier and more stress-free.

However, it would seem that some companies have decided to take a step further and offer something new and even more innovative. One of these companies is Lexus, with its latest Enform infotainment system.

Lexus Enform Infotainment System

Lexus Enform Infotainment System – Innovative and Exciting

On the surface, the Lexus Enform Infotainment system is similar to all other infotainment systems out there. Its main purpose is to help the drivers. It provides all the necessary information and making it easier for them to reach a destination without too much effort. However, the Lexus’ system goes further, by providing exciting new features.

The Destination Assist Feature

One of these is the Destination Assist. This feature includes a real live person, who is tasked with answering phone calls around the clock and provide actual navigation help to the drivers in need.

Those looking for a place to eat, can use this system and rely on the help from this real person. They can also use the system to check the current restaurant ratings, in order to find the best ones.

In addition, these responders can also instantly send a detailed map to the driver, via the car’s dashboard. Even though this service might seem excessive or superfluous, it can be very useful to those that have a very poor sense of orientation and direction.

Planning a Vacation with the eDestination

Besides the Destination Assist, the Lexus Enform Infotainment system also sports the eDestination feature as well. With this app, users can have a fairly easy time planning their upcoming vacation.

They can do this by searching, organizing and storing up to 200 different locations in 20 separate digital folders. These files can be later sent wirelessly to the car’s onboard navigation system for superb navigational help and an easier journey.

Once the files are saved, users can add various notes, name and rename the folders and so on. This feature is a great option for those who often tend to end up in unfamiliar towns and cities and lose their handwritten lists and notes.

Apps provided by the Lexus Enform Navigation System

The newest navigation system from Lexus is also lauded for providing seamless integration with a number of apps. The car’s dashboard is transformed into an advanced app suite when you connect it to a smartphone

There is a total of 7 apps available, such the iHeart Radio, Pandora, OpenTable, Yelp, and Bing. There is also Facebook, however, due to the safety concerns, only the check-in function, and the Facebook Places are available.

Simple and convenient activation options

The Lexus has decided to offer a very simple method of activation. The majority of the previously mentioned app is activated using buttons on the steering wheel or using the remote touch. Some of them are also voice-activated too.

The costs of using the Lexus Enform Infotainment system

At the moment, all Lexus vehicles feature this navigation system, which comes with a complimentary access for one year. After this 1-year period, the system will cost its users around $260 annually.

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