Lexus LXT pickup truck


What seems to be impossible at this moment, looks like it is happening. Lexus is one of the leaders in every luxurious class where its models appear. Their sedans and crossovers are breathtaking. However, the company is still away from the truck segment.

Working vehicles usually come with equipment for its job. In recent years, this is changing, so fans shouldn’t show surprise if we see the Lexus LXT pickup truck. From this stand, we can’t imagine how big “L” sign looks like on front grille. But, some spy shots can help us find out what to expect.

Lexus LXT pickup truck

Lexus LXT pickup truck concept

The Lexus has no experience in the truck segment. However, as a branch of Toyota, a lot of help will come from the manufacturer well-known of its trucks. Nevertheless, Toyota still doesn’t have a luxurious model. The Lexus LXT pickup truck will probably use the platform of the Hilux crossover.

This is one of the best vehicles in its class. It is durable, reliable, and it can be a perfect matrix for a future truck. However, Lexus must add some stylish details, luxurious parts, and it is going to be ready for the premiere. Nevertheless, there are some other possibilities, but this one is the most likely to happen.

Lexus LXT pickup truck concept

Lexus LXT pickup truck clues

We’ve already heard from company officials that they plan to launch such vehicle. The truck is a missing piece in Lexus’ puzzle, and it is just a matter of time when carmaker is going to make a move. Furthermore, there are some sketches showing us truck with big “L” up front, which could be an idea of Lexus LXT pickup truck.

However, there is a lot of work ahead of everyone in this project. The company will be quiet on every info, but we believe fans will get first official details very soon.

Lexus LXT pickup truck concept 2

Lexus LXT pickup truck verdict

One thing is sure, the vehicle would have a warm welcome, from fans, enthusiasts, and experts. However, it will make an immediate impact on the market. We still don’t know if competition is ready for it, but Honda, Ford, Chevy, will have to respond quickly.

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