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Lexus is a well-known company that produces luxury vehicles. Their models are popular in all segments. This is happening because of numerous innovations in every new model. However, the company is making a new chapter in its business. It is strange and surprising, but also creative. It looks like that Toyota’s premium branch will launch first Lexus Sport Yacht. From wheels into the water, the concept of this boat had its premiere. President Akio Toyoda is testing it, and fans already have a chance to see what it can bring. More important is what does it mean. Will the company go into the new segment?

Lexus Sport Yacht review

Lexus Sport Yacht engine

The Lexus Sport Yacht will borrow the drivetrain from LC 500 coupe. This car is using a 5.0-l V-8 displacement, ready to deliver 470 lb-ft. However, the engine is making more energy on the water. The yacht can go 49 mph while crunching 890 horses out of a 5.0-l unit. That is thanks to turbo-boost feature, which also helps this engine to gather 1,000 rpm more than a car.

Lexus Sport Yacht review

Lexus Sport Yacht design

It is hard to find a sharp edge on the Lexus Sport Yacht. The styling of this boat is magnificent, and it draws the attention of all fans. It is 42 feet long, and yacht can take 8 passengers. Also, comparing to similar models, it is lighter. Due to the use of carbon-fiber and aluminum, this product saves 2,200 pounds. This technology is called CFRP and it is used in the building of supercars, aircrafts, and racing sailboats. Premium interior offers leather seats and stylish details. Also, we can find a fridge, sink and stove in the galley. Furthermore, there are table and sofa for 6 people. Air-conditioning and infotainment system with Wi-Fi will make a rest on the yacht pleasant and comfortable.

Lexus Sport Yacht interior

Lexus Sport Yacht features

Since Lexus is a leader in innovations, there is no doubt that yacht will get the latest systems in sailing. Not only that, company is ready to launch few new features, to beat the competition. For example, touch-screen panel will help the captain. There he can read GPS navigation, radar and sonar sensors result under the water. Of course, special attention is on the comfort of the captain’s seat. Finally, Lexus Sport Yacht is safe and it is hard to get into unforeseeable situation thanks to all equipment.

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