Lexus UX Crossover Concept Review


The Lexus UX Crossover concept is anything but ordinary and we can already smell the excitement in the air. Announced at the Paris Motor Show and allowing eager automobile enthusiasts to have a closer look at the Detroit Auto Show, the crazy concept will leave you wondering which of these outrageous ideas can Lexus actually use? Sure, the concept has found many admirers who can’t stop praising the crossover but there are many who are also wondering if this car can actually run on roads like normal ones.

Lexus UX Crossover front

Lexus UX Crossover – Overall Look and Feel

The huge grille in the front is the probably the most catchy feature that would make you feel as if you are facing a great white shark which is about to chew you up. The wheels look nothing less than a weapon that will lash out at you any second and just like the grille, it is impressive as well as menacing to a certain extent. One thing is for certain- the UX Crossover concept will definitely remind you of the devil’s den.

The maker is aware of the strong and unique position that the brand enjoys in the market and always lives up to the challenge of designing something different- futuristic yet elegant at the same time. The UX Crossover Concept is designed following that motto. It gives you an enhanced and innovative design – we have not seen anything quite like it before – but remains grounded when it comes to brand value and customer satisfaction.

Inside the Cabin

The same devilish appeal continues on the inside. The seats are definitely beyond one’s immediate imagination, warranting a separate press release and a video that happened last September. Woah! These seats incorporate the breakthrough seat technology – the Kinetic Seat Concept – which re-evaluates the principles of car seat occupancy.

The Lexus UX Crossover boasts of an ‘Inside-Out’ strategy that creates a fluidity between the interior and exterior designs. The fenders merge into the cabins and give way for e-mirror screens.

Lexus UX Crossover interior

Technology in the Lexus UX Crossover

Offering a three-dimensional driving experience, the Lexus UX Crossover comes with an all-board HMI technology that is suited for people who like to stay and work in a connected environment. For example, the upper display is designed in such a way that it makes viewing easier when driving.

There is a transparent globe in the instrument binnacle in which you get a functional user interface, combining both analog and digital information. The center console is where you will find the air-conditioning and the infotainment system that is easily within the reach of the driver and the front passenger.

Lexus UX Crossover rear view

Bottom line

With the Lexus UX Crossover all set to attract young buyers, the Lexus believes that it will help it capture the market of premium compact crossovers in Europe and Chine where this segment is already in its growing popularity. Excited and interested buyers can choose between a normal gasoline engine and a hybrid.

The Lexus UX Crossover promises you a versatile interior, a captivating exterior which will provide an engaging driving experience.

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