Lexus UX250h And 7-Seat RX450hL Hybrid SUVs Are Coming In 2018


The Lexus has manufactured various kinds of vehicles over the years catering to demands of different kinds of customers. The company is planning to launch a small UX Concept crossover SUV along with a hybrid model. This will be in the form of Lexus UX250h. Along with this vehicle, the company is also looking to launch a bigger and longer 7-seat RX450hL model with a hybrid version for the same.

The hybrid version of the UX Concept will act as a replacement for the aging and old CT200h hatchback. The hatchback model will just be taken off from the market without any kind of replacement

Lexus UX250h and 7-seater RX450hL

Lexus UX250h and 7-seater RX450hL – Design and Specifications

The UX Concept SUVs are expected to be bold in looks and appearance and the best features of an SUV are estimated to be integrated into the vehicles.

The Lexus UX250h Concept hybrid version was first shown to the public in the Paris Auto Show in November 2016. Right at its launch in the Auto Show people were amazed by the great looks of the SUV. The vehicle became a stunner in the first glance with excellent curves and innumerable sharp angles.

The main point of attraction in the SUV is the spindle grille. This is one of the largest grilles that Lexus vehicles have. Interestingly, it is this grille style that makes the UX Concept hybrid so attractive to look.

Along with the UX Concept Hybrid, Lexus is also working on the longer and bigger RX versions. This is being done so that the SUV range is broadened.

The new Lexus RX450hL is a 7-seat SUV with abundant cargo space as well. This vehicle has still not made any appearance in any Auto Show but is expected to be shown at an auto show sometime in this year. However, the models will be launched in this RX series, namely RX450hL and RX350L. There are clear indications that there will be no alterations in the powertrains.

Lexus UX250h and 7-seater RX450hL interior

Engine Version

There are lots of talks regarding the engine versions of the new SUVs by Lexus. The CT200h is the last hatchback from the brand and the UX250h will replace the same. The CT200h has Lexus’s previous generation 1.8-liter hybrid system. This system and engine can be still found in Toyota Prius. This drivetrain will not be included in the UX250h. Rather the drive train that is used in the larger NX300h hybrid is expected to be used in the new SUV. The NX300h hybrid comes in 2-wheel and all-wheel drive models.

The NX300h comes as AWD model with two electric motors and 154 horsepower 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine. The combined power rating of the engine is 194HP. The EPA fuel economy offered by the vehicle is estimated to be about 33mpg city and 30mpg combined.

However, the current Lexus RX450h AWD model uses the 3.5-liter V6 engine, offering 259 HP of energy and two electric motors. The power rating of the vehicle is about 308 HP. Mileage rates for RX450h are about 31mpg within the city and almost 30mpg on the highway. Availability of Lexus UX250h and RX450hL in dealers are expected to be somewhere in 2018.

Lexus RX450hL for 2018


The main competitor for UX250h will be the likes of Mercedes Benz GLA. Hence it is needless to say that the SUV should be something extraordinary to attract customers’ attention.

Finally, the Lexus RX450hL has been planned to be launched to offer stiff completion to the likes of Mercedes Benz GLS, Volvo XC90 and BMW X7, which will be coming soon in the market.

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