Mazda Discontinued MPS performance cars


We heard many interesting statements from Mr. Masahiro Moro at the ongoing LA car show, but this is definitely among the most shocking one. It looks like that Mazda is going to rule out its performance division ( MPS ) for good.

The famous MPS (Mazdaspeed) is the company’s famous sub-division that works on hi-performance cars. This department works on Mazda Motosport cars but also designed several hi-performance versions of brand’s famous models. Now it seems that we will not see these hi-performance versions anymore. It looks like the company is moving in another direction. It is no secret that this brand is ante portas of the world of premium cars and it looks that management feels now it is a perfect time for the attack. So, in the upcoming years, we will see a development of hi-sophisticated technologies that and higher refinement that should put Mazda somewhere more upscale.

Mazda Discontinued MPS performance cars

Mazda is going in other direction

According to the Mazda North America CEO Masahiro Moro, there’s no use pushing for a full-on performance division ( MPS ) until the rest of the brand is standing on solid ground. We can interpret this as a fact that the company started with several ambitious projects and that there is simply not enough resources for such division.

Mazda Discontinued MPS performance cars

This kind of department demands a big amount of money, but isn’t much profitable, at least in Mazda’s case. There are several performance divisions from other manufacturers that make a pretty serious profit. Simply, Mazda started with big investments in various cars and technologies that should make this Japanese brand premium. For years, this company stands somewhere between premium and mainstream cars, so it is time for the step up. We have already seen several new vehicles. There is a Vision Concept, which promises a high level of luxury and a plenty of premium features.

Mazda Discontinued MPS performance cars

Many Mazda fans will be sad because of this move

The company’s SEO Masahiro More tried to give as more as possible excuses or, to be more precise, elusions. Many car lovers are pretty disappointed with the way of things are going. The main characteristics of this company have always been its unique design philosophy. However, it seems like it is fading away now. So, statements about human-centric driving performance, premium craftsmanship, and other commonplace phrases definitely won’t calm down all those core Mazda lovers. We will just have to see what will happen in the future and hope that there will be space for some changes of the current strict profit-oriented policy.

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