Mazda HCCI engine


Japanese carmaker Mazda is one of the leaders in the market. Their vehicles are stylish and attractive. Interior is comfortable and elegant. Performance of each car is at the top level, thanks to reliable and durable engines. Nevertheless, it is not easy to stay so long in elite without bringing new things and following modern trends. Furthermore, this manufacturer goes a step ahead of the competition in some areas. For example, powertrain development section is one of the best in the world and they are getting ready to introduce the Mazda HCCI engine. This drivetrain, with homogeneous charge compression ignition technology, will make a revolutionary turnaround in this segment. This type of mills will be a mix of diesel and gasoline units, taking the best of both.

Mazda HCCI engine

Mazda HCCI engine technology

The HCCI type of ignition is compressing mix of fuel and air as an oxidizer to make combustion. This compression is creating the reaction between elements and releases energy for starting an engine and heating it. This type of powertrain can save up to 30 percent of fuel, comparing to conventional fuels. Also, emissions are significantly cut. The Mazda HCCI engine will use homogeneous charge compression ignition instead of spark plugs. These kinds of innovations lead to higher stages of development and more eco-friendly engines. The release of the HCCI drivetrains will be a logical sequence of events after launching SkyActiv engines.

Mazda HCCI engine specs

Mazda HCCI engine production

The Mazda HCCI engine could find its place during in car next season. Rumors are becoming louder that new 2018 Mazda 3 will be the first vehicle using new technology. However, Mazda’s bosses should confirm this very soon. The homogeneous charge compression ignition will make this model more fuel-friendly. Some experts believe that the Japanese manufacturer will aim fuel consumption of 30 kmpl, which is equivalent to 70 mpg. Furthermore, this will lead to mass-produce of hybrids and electric vehicles. Mazda will go to European and US markets, but regulations for emissions will only get more demanding. However, with constant improvements, the company is going to meet these requirements. Also, the manufacturer is not having these kinds of problems in the rest of the world, so a car with HCCI engine will probably come worldwide after some while.

Mazda HCCI engine conclusion

As soon as the fans and experts heard about Mazda HCCI engine, discussion about many topics started. Everything that company is advertising is correct and nice, but the homogeneous charge compression ignition brings some questions and possible problems. For example, drivers of diesel cars want to know if vehicle using HCCI engine is going to vibrate. Also, there are no words about overall performance and specs. Fans are in doubt that such improvement on fuel economy and emissions would take effect in a drop of horsepower and torque. Also, the cooling system will have to get improvements. Creating such pressure will release a lot of temperatures, and the engine is going to suffer. Nevertheless, we are sure that engineers in Mazda know this could be the case and they are solving it.

Mazda HCCI engine

Mazda HCCI engine future

The fans are sure that rumors will come true and new engine will come with Mazda 3. Nevertheless, there are long-term plans for this technology. The Mazda HCCI engine will be a part of the new sedan, and after some while, it will be under the hood of other cars. However, this unit could get a supercharger, or some other elements, making a string hybrid. According to what some experts think, this is going to happen after 2021. Before that, we could see HCCI engine as a part of electric powertrains in 2019 season. These are just some of the plans and rumors, but we need to see how the new technology is going to perform on 2018 Mazda 3 before the company takes next steps.

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