Mazda Koeru Concept is the basis for the new CX-7


The new Mazda Koeru is an extremely stylish crossover that sports four doors and fluid lines that will remind you of a larger and grander version of the CX-3, perhaps more along the lines of CX-5. We believe that this concept is the base for the upcoming Mazda CX-7 model.

With outrageously impressive models like the Koeru, you might just understand why it enjoys such an enviable fan following. The ‘Koeru’ is Japanese for ‘exceeding’ or ‘going beyond’ and that is precisely what the Koeru concept is all about.

Mazda Koeru front

Mazda Koeru – Commonalities with other models

The wheelbase of 106.3 inches is the only thing common between the Mazda Koeru and the CX-5. Otherwise, the Koeru is longer at 181.1 inches if you compare it to the CX-5 which is 178.7 inches long, 2.4 inches wider at 74.8 inches and significantly lower in height of 59.1 inches. Even though Mazda will be promoting it as a crossover, it is not much taller than some of the big sedans out there. Mathematics is clear, this is definitely Mazda CX-7.

The Mazda Koeru concept packs in a ton of visual appeal along with the right amount of mystery. Mazda has been credited with some crazy looking models in the past, deemed to be too futuristic for their times, but this is a model that is more likely to get selected for production.

Interior Features

The interior also bear a striking resemblance to most of the latest models of Mazda that are currently under production and with the overall look and feel of the Koeru, we won’t be surprised if we soon find it in the markets.

According to the Mazda CEO, this is a sporty SUV that packs in more driving pleasure. It feels like the driving experience is all set to reach new levels with this one.

With the Koeru concept, the Mazda is pushing its Kodo design to give it a firmer and aggressive presence. We expect CX-7 to be made available in manual as well as automatic version.

A breakthrough (but what is that all about?)

We all know that Mazda’s weak area is the road noise department. With the maker’s new NVH technology, the Mazda Koeru concept is expected to be a quieter and more relaxing one. However, if you are wondering what the breakthrough is all about, then you are not alone.

Mazda Koeru interior

Engine and Performance

With Mazda on a rampant streak of styling, performance, and interior, you don’t say no to the latest concept that they are working on and with Koeru being one of the latest ones, it is no wonder that the market is eagerly anticipating its launch. It is expected to have Skyactiv technology that is known for efficiency and fuel economy. We wager a new turbocharged 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine.

Mazda Koeru rear view


Everyone else is waiting to see what’s in store for the Mazda Koeru. After all, the stylish car will find itself next to CX-5. Stay tuned for more upcoming news.

If it turns out that this is the basis for the Mazda CX-7, its release date we can expect already in 2018.

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