Mazda SkyActiv-3 petrol engines cleaner than EV


There are many people around the world that are full of doubt about electric cars. Most of them believe that the current expansion of batteries and electric motors is nothing more than an effect of marketing tricks. You can hear praise every day. Many producers work in a hurry to develop their electric motors claiming many benefits.

First of all, there is an excellent fuel economy. This technology is still pretty fresh, which means expensive as well. Many people buy these cars without in-deep calculations. These cars are far more expensive than conventional ones. Not to mention still questionable durability. Basically, you will have to make many miles until the electric car becomes cost-effective.

Another critical aspect is the environment. While most of us consider electric cars eco-friendly, there are many that believe that things aren’t so black and white. Some of those are from Mazda’s management.

Mazda SkyActiv-3 petrol engines cleaner than EV

Mazda SkyActiv-3 petrol engines are cleaner than EV?

Many believe that conventional internal-combustion engines will disappear in the near future, as well as their joy of driving. Simply, electric cars don’t come even close when it comes to fun and excitement. Though, there is something that will give some hope for all those electric-skeptic people. It looks like Mazda doesn’t plan to develop electric motors at the moment. Moreover, engineers and management from this company believe that gasoline engines are a far better solution.

If you are familiar with this manufacturer, you have probably heard about the new generation of SkyActive engines. The company works on the new gasoline engine, which will be far more efficient than the current one. Naturally, this means much better economy. However, there is another aspect, far more interesting. The company claims new Mazda SkyActiv-3 petrol engines will be cleaner than EV.

Mazda SkyActiv-3 petrol engines cleaner than EV

One of Mazda’s key people, Mitsuo Hitomi, says the SkyActiv-3 range of petrol engines will be as clean as an electric vehicle. This might sound strange to you, but here is the catch. Electric cars are pretty green, but the problem is how you produce the electricity for your EV. Power plants usually produce carbon dioxide in a huge number. Moreover, it produces far more charge your car, even more than conventional engines, oil extraction, and refining gasoline combined. So, unless the electricity is produced from the wind or something similar, there is no such thing as green electric cars. You should be aware that this didn’t even include battery production and later waste disposal.

Mazda SkyActiv-3 petrol engines cleaner than EV

So, what Mazda plans to do is to create such effective gasoline engine which will reduce CO2 emissions. The problem with the current engines is a huge combustion energy loss to heat while increasing the amount used to power the wheels. So, the company plans to increase thermal efficiency by around 27 percent with new Mazda SkyActiv-3 petrol engines. This should cut CO2 emission by 25 percent and significantly improve fuel economy as well.

It all depends on how you make electricity

We will end this article with some comparisons. According to latest researches from different sources, is clear that all depends on the way you create electricity. For example, electricity comes from the thermal or other conventional power plants, overall emission are is higher compared to internal-combustion engines. On the other side, if you use natural gas for making electricity, emissions are two times lower compared to conventional cars. Finally, the best solution is to produce electricity from the wind, water or waves. In this case, we will cut emissions by more than 75 percent. Still, take these words with some reserve.

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