Mazda Vision Coupe is best-designed sedan


Tokyo Motor Show brings many premieres, but the Mazda Vision Coupe is a best-designed sedan. The concept from the Japanese manufacturer is a proof that this company will finally take the place it deserves.

This brand was always considered as a mainstream. However, quality of its models has been praised for decades. Their characteristics are far superior to pretty much all mainstream cars, so this seems logical. Although not written anywhere, the golden role says that you need a large sedan to become a premium brand.

Mazda was always famous for smaller cars and crossovers, as well as excellent small sports cars such as Miata. This time, we are about to see something completely new. The Mazda Vision Coupe is actually a sedan and it could be an entrance for Mazda into the league of premium car makers.

Mazda Vision Coupe

Mazda Vision Coupe is best-designed sedan

Despite its undisputed quality, Mazda had almost never aimed for some luxury. There we some shy experiments with models like 929, but the company remained a mainstream brand for all these years. Now, it looks like things are going to change. The new concept has its premiere at the ongoing Tokyo car show. It instantly became the highlight of the whole show, despite the fact that there is a whole bunch of other concepts that bring some revolutionary design solutions and technologies. While the new Kai concept made opposite impressions, everyone agrees that this sedan is probably the prettiest thing that we saw on this car show.

Mazda Vision Coupe side view

Mazda Vision Coupe styling

The Mazda Vision Coupe comes with a simply amazing design. Mazda continues to repulse present-day styling trends and comes with its unique design solutions. This concept continues with brand’s KODO design language but also improves it a lot. The new sedan definitely looks upscale. We can talk about different tastes, but this concept is definitely one of the best-looking sedans that we saw in past few years, even if we include those most exclusive brands.

Some will find similarities with models like Citroen C6 or Audi A7, while some claim that this is a significantly more athletic Aston Martin Rapide. The real thing is that this is a pretty unique car and that you can’t find elements borrowed from other carmakers. Interior is equally impressive. The whole styling of the cabin combines hi-quality materials with such elegant lines, while combined analog-digital instrument cluster adds some luxury/sports flavor.

Mazda Vision Coupe technical details

We don’t know the exact details about powertrain or other mechanical parts of the new concept. We believe that the company will give us some information in near future. For now, we can only presume that the new sedan will feature some bigger version of the new SkyActive X engine that is coming with the new generation of Mazda 3 in next few years.

Mazda Vision Coupe rear view

Mazda Vision Coupe production

It is hard to make some predictions about serial production at the moment. So far, this is just a concept car without even technical specifications. However, the new sedan looks simply amazing and it could launch Mazda into the premium company at once.  Amazing impressions from pretty much all car experts will definitely give a great stimulus to the company.

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